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Common Core dumped in Manchester

NH School Board(Hour 1a, 2a, 3a) Common Core standards were rejected by the Board of School Committee in Manchester last night.  Opponents made themselves heard at the public session and they outnumbered proponents by approximately 2 to 1.  Rich shared an on-air fist pump and had kudos for the citizens, our listeners, the Superintendent, the Mayor and members of our School Board who heard the public outcry and decided against the controversial federal program.  (Hour 1a)

Rich also had words of praise for the Manchester Policemen’s Association for disclosing their contributions, even though the filing laws don’t technically require them to do so.  (Hour 2a)

And not-so-kind words for the “shamelessly arrogant” Kathy Staub for her public comments at last night’s meeting.  (Hour 3a)


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  1. Doris Hohensee October 17, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

    I’m confused about the proposal submitted last night to create new K-5 standards for an additional cost of $28k.

    The Board voted to create new K-12 Manchester Academic Standards. However, will there be an additional cost to the taxpayers, and if so, how much? Or can school administrators manage this task on their existing salaries?

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