Jane Cormier(Hour 3b, c) NH State Representative Jane Cormier resigned her seat in May and moved to Hooksett.  She is challenging incumbent State Senator David Boutin.

Like our humble host, Cormier has issues with Boutin for many of the votes he has cast.

“I am a lover of our Republican platform.  It is a document that deserves respect.  If you sign off as a fiscally conservative Republican, it should not be difficult for you to adhere to that platform.  Especially in the big planks: NH Medicaid Expansion, the Gas Tax and Liberty (issues).”

Cormier explained how SB20 is a back door to shutting down Citizens United and why the legislation supported by GOP Senators Boutin, Rausch, Bradley, Stiles & Odell will equate to the largest tax increases in the history of our state.

“Let’s make cuts!  Why is making a cut a dirty word?  We are broke.  We cannot keep spending, spending, spending!”

(Hour 3b) 06-25-2014 Hour 3b

Cormier answered DJ Dave’s question about Republicans that run as conservatives and vote like Democrats.

She complimented the “good little circle of conservatives who aren’t afraid to take the hard vote and not back off.”

Cormier sounded off on Medicaid Expansion, Common Core, the Prescription Drug Database and the privacy laws that are being tossed out the window.

“If we don’t start standing up for our privacy rights, we have nothing.  For Common Core, there are 400 data points on each student, including what religion and what political group your family is in.  What business is that of anybody?  We need to pull back.  We are out of control!”

Cormier believes for our government to work, the people need to be brought to the table.

“A closed door meeting brought Common Core to the State of NH.  With no public hearings.  No feedback from teachers.  These backdoor deals that are happening should not be happening.  We need to get people in there that won’t allow those doors to be closed.”

Learn more at Jane Cormier for NH Senate.

(Hour 3c) 06-25-2014 Hour 3c