07-04-2014 News

G O P Second District Candidate Marilinda Garcia issued an interesting statement in response to recent personal attacks made by incumbent Democratic Rep. Ann Kuster and her allies.

Garcia:  Returns fire in War on Women

Garcia: Returns fire in War on Women

Quote “It is time that Ann Kuster and her Liberal allies stop saying that women have to act or think a certain way in order to be women,” said Garcia. “We have a right to independent thought and freedom of association.  Women can stand up for what we believe in while debating public policy and making choices for ourselves.  We can lead organizations, run businesses, serve our country, or stay home with our children—all things which we should be applauded for, not insulted.  Clearly, New Hampshire Democrats are fumbling in their attempts to employ their usual tactics of character assassination and obfuscation.  Instead of using their tired old playbook, the Democrats should try persuading voters by voicing their opinions and ideas.  That’s what I will do, and it is how I intend to win this race.”  Apparently, attempts by the Kuster campaign to paint the the Hispanic Millennial female Garcia as the typical racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe aren’t going to go unchallenged.

Smith:  Reissues debate challenge to Brown

Smith: Reissues debate challenge to Brown

Now, whether or not G O P U S Senate Candidate Scott Brown will go unchallenged is another question as rival Bob Smith has reissued his debate challenge.  Smith issued a challenge several weeks ago to debate Brown and rival Jim Rubens in moderated Lincoln Douglass debate formats in each of the state’s ten counties.  Rubens accepted, Brown didn’t answer.  Smith said quote “The people of New Hampshire must be allowed to know as much about the candidates as possible in order to become an informed voter.”  End quote.  Smith’s campaign said time was of the essence in asking Brown to respond by Monday, July 7th.  Quote “Let’s agree to do the right thing for the people of New Hampshire and allow them to see the strengths and weaknesses of all three candidates.  This is the least we can do for the voters in the Granite State so they may have an informed vote to cast,” said Smith.

Coming to Exit 5 in Londonderry

Coming to Exit 5 in Londonderry

A new, 9,000-square-foot NH Liquor & Wine Outlet is planned as part of the new Londonderry Travel Plaza off Exit 5.  The Londonderry Travel Plaza will serve Granite State residents, visitors, commuters and truckers and will feature a twenty four hour restaurant, gas station with a convenience store, fueling stations, including diesel fuel and a truck center.  Construction is slated to begin in July with an anticipated opening date at the end of this year.  Now, you’ll be able to get gassed in multiple ways at Exit 5.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

fireworksIn Merrimack, The Rotary “Fun Day” has been moved to Sunday at 3:00 – same location at the Upper Elementary School.   The Summer Concert Series has moved to the High School tonight from Abbie Griffin Park.  Tonight’s performance is Kick off the 4th with an evening of patriotic tunes presented by the Merrimack Concert Association!   Merrimack’s Fireworks have been postponed until Sunday evening, July 6th, but the 4th of July Parade will still step off at 1:00 today as planned.  The Pancake Breakfast as well as the Sparkler 5 K are still on for their regularly scheduled times today.  For updates on the Family Fun Day event held by the Rotary, visit merrimack 4th dot com.

Speaking of Merrimack, the town is accepting applications to fill the town council vacancy created by the death of former chairman David Yakuboff.  We’ve posted the details of how citizens may apply to fill Yakaboff’s unexpired term to Girard at Large  dot com and linked to them from this newscast.

fireworksThe fireworks in Derry have been postponed due to the inclement weather.  The fireworks display will now be held on Saturday, July 5th at dusk. The best viewing areas are Tsienneto Road, Folsom Road, Crystal Ave, and Hood Commons.  We’ve posted Derry’s celebration details to Girard at Large and linked to them from this newscast.  Be sure to take a look.

Harriet Cady

Cady: Town officials using new law to hide public expenditures

The practical impacts of House Bill five twenty two, which recently went into effect, are now being felt in towns across the state.  Before the this bill, which was co-sponsored Senator David Boutin, Republican of Hooksett, and Senator John Reagan, Republican of Deerfield, became law, town treasures were required to present a manifest of bills to be paid to their town’s governing body in public session for approval before checks could be cut.  The manifest was subject to public scrutiny as a matter of right in the process and questions regarding bills to be paid could be asked on the record by town officials or citizens during their public comment sessions.  Now, manifests are disappearing from agendas, says Right to Know watchdog Harriet Cady of Deerfield, and elected officials are signing the manifests outside the public’s view and citizens are having to schedule special trips to their town halls to review the manifests.  Neither their questions nor the answers to them are on the record.  Cady says they don’t matter either, as once a simple majority of the governing body signs off, the bills are paid regardless of any questions or objections.  We hate to say we told you so, but this was a bill we brought to your attention and urged you to contact your reps and senators about.  Now town officials can play hide and seek with their expenses and there’s little a citizen or taxpayer can do about it.  Just thought you’d want to know about that on this the Fourth of July.

That’s news from from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next!