Cram:  Voting in 2 states

Cram: Voting in 2 states

Jared S. Cram, a Philadelphia lawyer who works for TD  Bank has been caught double voting in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire by the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers.  C N H T Chairman Ed Naile announced the break yesterday in a special installment of A Question of Voter Fraud.  According to Naile, Cram voted in both states in two thousand eight and two thousand twelve.  Cram even posted an article on the Daily Kos Web Site bragging about his election activities in NH on Election Day, while being an active, registered voter in and domiciled resident of Pennsylvania.

Naile:  Nabs another

Naile: Nabs another

Naile said he was planning to file a lawsuit against Cram for Diminution of Vote, saying he had little faith that the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office would prosecute Cram for the offense.  Officials in Pennsylvania should expect to receive information from Naile, however.  In a Twitter exchange with Girard at Large, Cram refused to answer directly whether or not he double voted, telling us quote “Feel free to keep riling up your dimwit red base. I never broke the law.”  Unfortunately for Cram, we have the documents that prove otherwise.  In an article published on C N H T dot org, Naile wrote he received a tip on Cram’s voting activity after a voter fraud seminar he gave in Wilton.  He said he received several tips on irregularities from that little town, all of which are being investigated.  There are all kinds of  things to link to in this one.  We’ve done it.  Come check’em out.

Lou:  Sees cash, not Carol Shea Porter

Lou: Sees cash, not Carol

District Twenty State Senator Lou D’Allesandro, Democrat from Manchester, has publicly questioned where Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s been on the campaign trail.  In a recent interview, D’Allesandro said he’d not seen Shea-Porter in Manchester during this campaign and that he wanted to.  D’Allesandro lamented the lack of retail politics exhibited by his fellow Democrats saying quote “Retail politics is the name of the game.  If that disappears, I think the nature of democracy disappears.  It’s taken that part of the politics and moved it to the side and I’ve very discouraged about that.”

Shea Porter:  Lou's looking or her

Shea Porter: Lou’s looking or her

Seizing on the comments, Jay Ruais, campaign manager for Frank Guinta’s congressional campaign, released a statement saying, in part, quote:  “The Congresswoman has been feeling the heat from the constituents that she’s been hiding from, and now she’s feeling it from prominent members of her own party. The Congresswoman can’t find her way to Manchester and she can’t find it within herself to vote with her district – from her steadfast support for ObamaCare to increasing taxes and spending, she has been a rubber stamp for President Obama rather than the independent voice New Hampshire needs.”  I’ll say one thing for Lou, for all we disagree on, and that’s a lot, he’s never hidden from his constituents.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Budget requests skyrocket under Gov. Hassan

Budget requests skyrocket under Gov. Hassan

The budget requests submitted by state departments for the coming fiscal year have Republicans across the state both slack-jawed and howling.  According to the Department of Administrative Services, departments asked for twelve point five billion dollars in spending, a whopping eighteen percent increase over the current budget.  Departments are also asking to fund 3 5 7 new positions.  Across all departments, the budget hike would cost $1.9 billion over the next two years.

Forrester:  Not the time for wish list to Santa

Forrester: Not the time for wish list to Santa

Senate Finance Committee Chair Jeanie Forrester released a statement saying quote “Over the summer we heard Governor Hassan voice her concerns over state tax revenue and ask agencies to pare back spending.  Yet, in the blink of an eye, those same agencies are coming back with explosive growth in their spending proposals.  It seems disingenuous.”  Forrester asked the governor to order state agencies to produce  level funded budget requests or quote “at least something in the realm of reasonableness.  This is no time for agencies to submit their biggest wish list to Santa.”

House Republican Leader Gene Chandler put it succinctly when he said quote “What we have here shows our state government’s inability to be mindful of the sensitive state our economy continues to be in.  While our economy remains stagnant, state agencies are looking for a raise.”  He said the governor could have shown leadership by ensuring departments lived within the state’s means.

Havenstein:  Hassan spending us toward income tax

Havenstein: Hassan spending us toward income tax

G O P gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein responded to the requests by saying:  “My question to New Hampshire taxpayers is, ‘Did your family budget grow by 18% this year?’ New Hampshire families cannot support more government spending.  It is this type of out-of-control spending that is leading us toward an income tax.  Maggie Hassan’s inability to manage the state is becoming more and more obvious and we simply can’t afford it.”

Metzler:  Budget proposal didn't conform to Budget Committee directive

Metzler: Budget proposal didn’t conform to Budget Committee directive

Well, it doesn’t appear as is “Megalo Metzler,” that’s Timberlane Superintendent Earl Metzler, got the budget committee’s message about presenting a level funded budget, as we discussed on the air yesterday with Budget Committee Member Arthur Green.  According to a post on her blog yesterday, Timberlane School Board Member Donna Green disclosed the administration’s budget is up six percent over the current year.  Quoting from the article, to which we’ve linked, Green writes:  “The total budget is up 6% over the current year’s budget.  Part of the increase is a ‘merit pool’ for SAU employees to the tune of …. hold on to your hats…  5.6%!   This means that each and every SAU employee could get a 5.6% raise from the money budgeted for the merit pool.  That’s enough merit to become beatified.  The reasoning for a such a large ‘pool,’ of course, is to make up for the default budget of this current year.  SAU employees are used to getting a 3% salary increase annually so naturally if they missed an increase this year then it has to be made up next year.”  End quote.  Maybe Metzler’s looking to become Governor Hassan’s budget chief.

Bike Clinic in Manchester

Bike Clinic in Manchester

Do you have a bike?  Is your bike registered?  Does it need a tune-up?  Do you have a flat tire?  Do your brakes work?  Do you have bike questions?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, join the Manchester Office of Youth Services for a Community Bike Clinic!  Bring your bike to three seventy three Union Street, which is at the corner of Spruce Street from  11am – 3pm tomorrow.  Among others, the folks from Bike Manchester will be on hand to help with your bike questions and needs.  For more information contact Carlos at 7 1 6 6 1 5 2 use the email address we’ve linked to from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  His email is [email protected]

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large Hour ___ is next.