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Dear Governor Hassan,

When the federal government requests New Hampshire provide refuge for unaccompanied non-citizen children and all associated costs, just say no.  Governor Hasan, you were elected to represent the best interests of the citizens of New Hampshire not non-citizens violating U.S. sovereignty. As governor you are charged with the “faithful execution of the laws of this state and her Constitution”.

The great State of New Hampshire should in no way excuse the federal government’s outright refusal to secure the borders and enforce existing immigration laws. The offices of the President and Attorney General do not possess the authority to decide which laws to enforce and not. To that end our government’s complicity in the anarchist behavior unfolding daily at America’s southern border should not be shared or condoned by the “Live Free or Die” State.

Sadly many of our publicly elected officials in Washington have no idea of the travails American Citizens endure daily. Acceptance of any unaccompanied illegal children in New Hampshire will further strain state, county, municipal and school districts finances resulting in extemporaneous taxation of the people, without representation.

Politicians and the press all report that we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. Wrong! We have a Constitutional Crisis. Outside governments are actively scheming to usurp the right of American Citizens to determine their country’s destiny and are succeeding.

The southern U.S. border with Mexico is deliberately breached daily by lawbreakers with impunity. Not all are Mexicans, yet the Mexican government allows these hordes from various countries in Central America free passage while jailing an American War Hero Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi who continues to rot in a Mexican prison for accidentally making a wrong turn at the border.

Not one inquiry from the State Department or POTUS. New Hampshire’s acceptance of unaccompanied illegal children would legitimize an unjust imprisonment of Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi by the Mexican government.

New Hampshire’s latest child poverty report is another argument against accepting unaccompanied illegal children. New Hampshire’s child poverty rate grew from 9% to a whopping 16%. This is a 7% increase in child poverty that must be funded by New Hampshire Taxpayers, many in the middle class that are already struggling to keep their children out of poverty.

Students at Exeter High School promote “68 Hours of Hunger”, a non-profit that accepts donations to help alleviate weekends of hunger amongst local elementary school children. What began as a program to assist 19 children in Dover NH in 2011 has blossomed to more than 700 serving 17 New Hampshire towns.

While we are on the topic of the children, are these some of the little waifs that may be sitting next to our children in classrooms across New Hampshire? These children look to be in their late teens or early to mid-twenties.

unaccompanied illegals 1






Notice the hand signals

unaccompanied illegals 2








Transnational: A young El Salvadorian member of the Mara MS-13 street gang. There are reports that young members are enlisting other youngsters crossing the border. The photos taken by Reuters.

Notice the three young rascals with their faces concealed with bandanas? Seriously, Madam Governor, will your children leave the safe confines of Phillips Exeter Academy and have a seat next to MS-13 street gang thugs?

There is precedence to send these unaccompanied children home to their parents. Remember six year old Elian Gonzalez? He along with his mother fled Communist Cuba for the United States. Young Elian’s mother paid the ultimate price for her pursuit of freedom. Elian reached U.S. waters making him eligible for immediate refugee status in the United States.

Ironically, it was then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder that would defend the Department of Justice’s decision to authorize the forcible snatch of young Elian from a relative’s arms at gunpoint in an early morning raid on April 22nd, 2000 Holy Saturday, one day before Easter Sunday. Elian was sent home to communist Cuba with his father.

So, we call on you Governor Hasan, the Chief Executive Officer of New Hampshire. Your concern must be the well-being of the citizenry of the great State of New Hampshire. It would be irresponsible as Governor of New Hampshire to prioritize non-citizen children over the citizens of this state.


Jim Berlo & Jim Johnson

About the authors:

We are both residents of Brentwood. Our daughters attended kindergarten together and graduated in 2013.

We became alarmed when our school district’s superintendent was found guilty of acting in rancid faith by Judge Gillian Abramson. The case was brought by Jim Knight of Exeter and he requested under the right to know law internet history log logs. Jim Knight believed (rightfully so) that students were regularly accessing inappropriate material on taxpayer supported computers. Superintendent Arthur “Skip” Hanson refused to comply with the RTK request. During the trial Hanson lied repeatedly as to the availability of the  logs. The superintendent was ordered to turn over the logs. Two weeks later Hanson’s attorney wrote to the judge saying that the logs had been destroyed, The judge was livid as evident in her final verdict.  The sick part Jim Knight was the bad guy, the Co-op school board as well as six elementary school boards from the towns representing the SAU 16 school district all supported this reprobate piece of excrement.

Hanson will be free to steal the VLACS a charter school financed and supported by the taxpayers of the Exeter school district, and then commandeered by Hanson. Madam Maggie turned a blind eye Kimberly Casey and now a state rep Patty Lovejoy were all school board members and backed Hanson once again. I did get an audience with the State board of education, through Ken Wyler. An e-mail was sent to us from John Lyons who simply said if you have any further questions we were not to contact him at his office e-mail not school board e-mail address. We wish we knew today what we didn’t then.