Rich & Sid Glassner(Hour 3a, b, c)

(Hour 3a) Rich commented on the NH Speaker’s race mutiny and why it’s an absolute “trainwreck” for the NH GOP.

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Senior Fellow Sid Glassner commented on politicians behaving badly in advocating for Common Core.  He detailed some of the “outlandish rhetoric” put out by Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

(Hour 3b) Glassner educated us on some of the lessons learned from business for education.

Lessons that are certainly not being applied in this “unprecedented era of education.”  An era fraught with corruption, lies, misdirection and misinterpretation.  All of it being ignored by the mainstream media.

We’re happy to pick up their considerable slack!

(Hour 3c) Glassner discussed the Big Bucks and Big Players involved in the insider trading of Public Education.

Who were the two chief architects of Common Core?  How essential was it to get Bill Gates (and his very deep pockets) to sign on to the PR campaign?