We publish this Letter to the Editor at the request of SAU 19 Superintendent Brian Balke.

Letter to the Editor,

I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank the Goffstown Department of Public Works and the New Boston Highway Department for their considerable efforts keeping the roads safe.  We have had an incredible amount of snow over the past few weeks and both towns have done a great job cleaning up after the storms.  The work of our plow drivers and heavy equipment operators is critically important to the safety of our community including the students in our schools.  We are fortunate to have very dedicated teams working to keep our communities safe.  Lastly, I would like to offer special recognition to New Boston Road Agent Dick Perusse, Goffstown Interim Public Works Director Mike Hilhouse, and Goffstown Town Engineer Megan Theriault for their leadership to our towns during these complicated weather events.  Well done.

Superintendent Brian Balke