(Hour 2a&b)  In a ‘surprising’ turn of events, there are some issues in Timberlane again.  Timberlane tends to run things with political motives in mind first and the allow the established ways of doing things to become secondary.  There are some who have a lack of respect in Timberlane, and fortunately the town of Sandown isn’t having any of it.

Harriet Cady called in and talked to us about how the bureaucrats are running the government.  Do government officials truly understand what they are getting into when they are elected into office?  Harriet shared with us some of her beliefs surrounding the Right to Know issue.

It’s not that government should be inefficient or slow, but it needs to maintain a clear access to all government records and should not impede people from availability to those records. Government needs a set of procedures that allow citizens to be able to understand the path that a piece of legislation will go through (something that will effect their life) so that they have ample opportunity to see it, discuss it, and get the time of day, if they want it.  the drive to make

taxes have skyrocketed

naked aggression of powers that be for political outcome

Chairman have control over meeting times and places and they have control over the agenda.

co-chairman stepping down.

political agenda drives things in Timberlane

cindy ward being kicked out of sandown(?)