(Hours 1a,b,c,2a,3a) manchester-policeRich talked about the school closings that took place today due to criminal activity that lead to a manhunt.  He gave geographical details and informed the listeners of a Shelter in-Place recommendation on Wayne Street, Putnam Street and Rimmon Street.

(Hour 1b) Rich continued with more details as the manhunt continued this morning.  He issued warnings to his listeners.  He informed the listeners that principals will be at the schools and talked to us about a case of brutal force from police officers from New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

(Hour 1c) Rich gave more information about the ongoing manhunt and told his listeners about the schools which will be closed this morning.  We took a call from Mayor Ted Gatsas, who shared details on the matter.

(Hour 2a) Rich gave the general description of the shooter and gave us more information about this morning’s manhunt.

(Hour 3a) Rich gave us updated information about the manhunt, before taking a call from Meteorologist Al Kaprielian, who told us about the upcoming weather.