(Hours 2b,c,3a) Jim Rubens NH SenateWe talked to Jim Rubens, candidate for US Senate.  He told us about how he began his political career.  He spoke about the raging drug crisis, sharing his opinion that we as a country need to transition from a prohibition incarceration approach to the problem to an on-demand treatment approach.  We heard about how Switzerland handled their drug problem.

(Hour 2c) We continued with Rubens, who answered Rich’s questions about consequences for drug addicts.  He and Rich discussed drug court and the funding of a treatment plan.

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(Hour 3a) Rich commented on his discussion with Rubens, talking about drug court.  He spoke about the legalization of drugs and referenced problems that are occurring in Colorado.  He then talked about society and Government’s influence in the matter.  Finally, he took a call from Harriet in Deerfield, who commented on the legalization of marijuana.