(Hours 1a,b,c,2a) Jim GaudetAfter informing the listeners about a deviation from Friday’s normal schedule, Rich spoke about the latest update about this weekend’s bomber.  He then talked about a number of people who should have been deported.

(Hour 1b) Rich spoke to retired officer Jim Gaudet about this weekend’s terrorist attacks for Public Safety This Week.  They commented on the FBI’s failure in catching the terrorist, wondering about the process that was used.  Finally, Rich asked Jim about what Manchester should do to prevent future attacks.

(Hour 1c) As Rich continued with Jim Gaudet, they resumed their discussion concerning terrorism on a more local level.  They debated about the Manchester Police Department’s recent decision to encrypt their radio signals and Dave in Bedford called in to argue with Jim’s point.

(Hour 2a) After Jim’s departure, Rich shared why he thought that it’s important to have communication between the public and the police.  He commented on the use of the Common Core standards within the Manchester School District and shared his opinion about privacy and safety.