Mischief alert!

Mischief alert!

Five Manchester residents contacted the police department on Monday to report their vehicles had been vandalized.  Each vehicle had tires slashed between the hours of midnight and 9:00 a.m. on the twenty first.  Three of the five vehicles had all four tires slashed while the other two had one tire slashed.  The incidents occurred on Bremer, Amory, Hevey and Boutwell streets.  The police department is asking anyone with any information regarding this “mischief,” their word not mine, to call the Detective Division at 7 9 2 5 5 0 0 or Manchester Crime Line at 6 2 4 4 0 4 0, where you may receive a cash reward if your anonymous tip leads to the identification and arrest of possible suspects.

Candia Police: Looking for...

Candia Police: Looking for…

Police in the little town of Candia are looking for the public’s help to solve a burglary that took place yesterday on Mayhew Drive.  Police are interested to speak with a male who was handing out snow shoveling fliers in the area.  He’s said to be of medium height with a slender build and unshaven.  If anyone encountered this subject or can provide additional information, please contact the Candia P.D. A S A P by calling 4 8 3 2 3 1 8.

MHA: Open House

MHA: Open House

The Manchester Historic Association announced it will host an open house on Saturday, December third from ten to four.  St. Nick is scheduled to get things rolling with an appearance from 10 to 11.  The event will feature shopping specials, children’s holiday crafts, storytelling, raffles, refreshments, old fashioned board games, free museum admission and OOOHH sooo much more!  Be sure to drop in!

Also on December third, the city of Manchester Christmas Parade will step down Elm Street from the corner of Webster Street beginning at four.

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Unborn black lives matter!

Unborn black lives matter!

On December third, from Noon to two, black community leaders, pro life advocates and residents of the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland will gather to pray in front of the newly built Planned Parenthood mega-center at twelve twenty five 4th Street, N. E.  in Washington, D.C.  Black community leaders and pro-life advocates have organized this Human Rights Prayer Rally to pray for mothers, fathers, the unborn and Planned Parenthood staff.  Their goal is to call attention to the devastating impact that Planned Parenthood has had on the black community.  They believe that federal funding should be shifted from Planned Parenthood to the Federally Qualified Health Centers that offer health care to women across the nation.

100-no-more-prayer-realleyIn a statement issued by the organizers, they noted that Planned Parenthood’s recently celebrated 100th anniversary prompted black leaders to unite under the banner  “100 No More.”  While blacks make up only thirteen percent of the U. S. population, nearly one third of all abortions are performed on black mothers.  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an outspoken advocate of sterilizing blacks to reduce their population.  In one hundred years, they say Sanger’s dream has become one of America’s great human rights nightmares.  Leading the rally will be

  • Day Gardner – President, National Black Pro-Life Union
  • Delyon Gigger – Founder, Good Ground Good Life
  • Kay Coles James – President, The Gloucester Institute
  • Glorya Jordan – Board of Directors, CareNet Pregnancy Center of Prince William County
  • Minister Alison Johnson – Advocate for Life
  • Penny Young Nance – President and CEO, Concerned Women for America
  • Reverend Nathaniel B. Thomas – Senior Pastor, Forestville New Redeemer Baptist Church
Launched "The Negro Project"

Sanger:  Launched “The Negro Project”

The event will be broadcast live on Periscope at @100_No_More.  100 No More is a coalition of Americans who believe that abortion is a violation of the basic human right to live.  The coalition expresses its outrage against abortion through education and prayer and educates the public by shedding light on abortion pioneers like Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who believed minorities, the disabled and the poor should be sterilized.   Sanger’s focus on black Americans through what she called The Negro Project has given rise to an abortion culture they say targets black Americans.  To learn more, visit 100 no more dot .com.

"Target acquired"

“Target acquired”

2ndVote is marking the start of the Christmas shopping season by launching the hash tag Anywhere But Target (#AnywhereButTARGET) campaign to provide conservatives direct communication with Target and highlight alternative retailers for Christmas shopping.  In announcing the campaign, 2ndVote Executive Director Lance Wray said quote:

This Christmas shopping season we’re asking conservatives to send a clear and direct message to Target, a company that seems to care more about a radical political agenda than common sense and safety of its own customers.

targetTarget recently announced entry into its store restrooms would not be restricted by gender.  In other words, anyone could use any bathroom at any time for any reason.  Backlash from the decision caused the nation’s second largest retailer to spend twenty million dollars to install single stall, gender neutral bathrooms in its stores, though it did not rescind the policy.  The chain has also had a string of P R setbacks as, how shall we put this, the improper use of one sex’s bathroom by the opposite sex has gained headlines, including at the store in Bedford.

Wray: Conservative communication and other choices

Wray:  Conservative communication and other choices

Said Wray, quote:

Conservatives have many other options to Target this season and that’s why we’re choosing #AnywhereButTARGET…it’s our role as an organization to give conservatives a way to communicate directly with the company.

The group has also launched Anywhere But Target dot com to support the effort.  Socially conscious citizens can learn more about the corporate giving and policy positions of Target and other companies by visiting 2nd Vote dot com.  That’s two n d vote dot com.

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