The current national narrative, usually as fake as any national news lead, is that we have problems with the FBI. Imagine discovering that the FBI was involved in politics, not doing its job of investigating crime and violations of the specific laws under its purview.

But wait! I am old enough to remember Watergate. And if my memory serves me still, there was an FBI agent feeding the liberal reporters who were trying to take down the Nixon Administration. Do I come close to describing that event?

Another nagging memory I have is regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton using one of her campaign thug, Craig Livingstone,( think Carl Gibson, Geoff Wetrosky, Jessie Burchfield, Hugo Palma, Jared Steven Cram and the like) to steal 900 FBI files so she could Have secret info on her political enemies.

This brings us to Donald Trump.

It looks like the attempt to destroy the next President with a politicized FBI had backfired – on the FBI and the usual suspects.

Hint: one is a maverick.