The next new dawn of technology may be the end of individualism and the world as we think it.

Many believe freedom of thought is already over controlled now with so much government regulation, over sight, and “political correctness” to force feed us into accepting a personal gut feeling we feel or may think to reject or to force decisions in our lives or labels upon us. Or to tie our lives into following a maze of doctrines and rules created by others.

Our being here is not justified when we personally are not interested in a life style of others, or have another opinion, or may live by facts and logic yet are ostracized even when we have done no other harm than think this way. Freedom to think and be without oversight is getting more and more restricted daily.

We are told to “accept” as normal and embrace “correctly” something that personally we may feel is foreign to our individual make up. If we do not we are rejected or “pressed” to be re-programmed by laws to accept that which may be against the fiber of our essence, a peaceful essence, now considered anti social simply because we think out side the political “correct” dogma at this moment in time.

It is creating a cultural polarized civil war but one new formula in technology, today known as “code”, as in computer code, may decide a winner without one body count yet we may all lose our existence.

Imagine losing that human personal individualism, or your individual choices to be politically “in correct” in peacefully rejecting or questioning what one would choose or wishes to reject or accept. Should we therefore allow individualism and free thoughts to vanish simply to vacate strife?

Now imagine and think what Elon Musk will have us be in the forming of his new company- Neurolink, maybe not by his own ethics but definitely a possibility by another’s, in some not too distant years from now.

Musk is forming a company, I fear, that could be the Manhattan Project of today. Of my reading from CNBC’s- Robert Ferris report, the following was detailed on 27 March, 2017, mark it as a day of infamy.

Not since Einstein came up with his revolutionary E= MC squared benign formula that gave us the nuclear age of mass destruction has a concept project from another great mind been conceived. Musk may have conceived an end of the world threat for us red blooded-five senses- abstract reasoning individually emotional humans.

From CNBC: “The “neural lace” Musk has talked about is typically described as an implant or an appendage that would be attached to the brain that would provide a way for brains to interact with devices, or otherwise augment human intelligence.”

In this concept, for me, I see a future of IBM’s “Watsons”- in that eventually every child being born would have an implant and could have complete and utter subservience to artificial intelligence-AI- controlling every thought, every idea, monitoring every move in the conscious and sub-conscious.

AI making adjusting thoughts or information access according to one plan, one doctrine, and one “collective”, “Star Track- Borg collective” or “The matrix”, controlling mind inter-phased with your neurons by an interfaced connected oneness.

If man can conceive from Einstein’s formula nuclear weapon systems to conquer his enemies eventually Musk’s implants could be total control and the oblivion of individuals.

AI will be OI, Obliterate Individual thought in the name of peace, safety, and the “political correct” accepted- programmed thought, determined by whom ever programs the AI, or, if AI takes control on its own in a “Terminator” type reality.

Consider Musk’s partner, “Hodak’s bio at the Transcriptic website says he was a research assistant at Duke University Medical Center, where he built brain-machine interfaces for monkeys.” Ferris of CNBC reported.

Have we not speculated that mankind is a relative of monkeys? At the very least our brains are definitely “wired” similarly. It is not a large leap of faith to speculate 60 or 70 years from now the Big Brother Watson type controlling AI, artificial intelligence, will actually be controlled programmed OI, Obliterate Individualism, and the end of the world as we think and live it today.

Dark speculation yes, unrealistic I think not, its human nature for the powerful to control the weak or suppress their perceived enemies.

Consider Einstein, and other scientist’s warnings AFTER the second world war- it had no effect once the Pandora box was open and we now have thousands of weapons and more countries acquiring them. It will be impossible to put this back in the box.

I would hope even the Democrats whom love central planning dictates will fear their doctrine here may go too far but they may just be too drunk from the elixir of Big Brother dependence.

Loving the ease to control individualism and those self reliance independents with the doctrine and ease of controlling-central-thought and dependence may be too hard to over come for the Democrats addiction to big government control. Government, which will be the most likely candidate, would be the finally resting ground of this “project” if successful.

This final resting ground of dependence will be a sad human tragedy for mankind. As all dependents, once hooked up, it is almost impossible to shut down with out great pain and suffering by the dependent, like babies cast into the world unprepared for reality.

Just ask your kids to live without a “smart phone” or the entitled to live without their entitlements. They actually think it is a god given right for these dependencies without any loss or expense from some where else in the equation of- Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Today we are in charge of the interface between AI and us, it is slow and indirect, a slow click or typing and reading connection between the “Programmed Code” that informs us today. Consider when Musk has his way bringing us and AI together deep into our minds- who will win or control the soul? Who will be who within?

I fear this more than Einstein’s concept that gave us a nuclear world ending reality we all live with and today think it is normal. Our baby boomers reality to accept without questioning, hardly anymore, the prevalent dangers that so few powers control the Nuclear age potentially against the so many.

By contrast Musk’s new world may be safer than nuclear war but both in reality, Einstein’s formula and AI code, are a sure way to end the world of the humans whether in body or soul or both. Our minds are assaulted daily with news, rules, and laws to follow and filter and judge for our selves. I can not see how direct inputs or access to our minds will hold on to freedom and individualism and “self”.

President Roosevelt was correct to state we have nothing to fear but fear it self. A healthy dose of fear is good to keep in mind as this new technology progresses.