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The following email was sent to NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner following the release of shocking voter registration information from the Voter Cross Check Program by Ed Naile, anchor of our A Question of Voter Fraud segment and Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers.  We publish it in the hope that citizens and state representatives will question not just this jaw dropping data, but also Senate Bill 3 that continues to have serious unanswered questions that many believe will cause the problem uncovered by the Cross Check data to go from awful to beyond awful.

New Hampshire cannot solve the problem of out of state voters by legalizing what they’re doing.

SB3 WILL make this practice LAW

New Hampshire can, however, stop the problem by:

  • Subjecting all voter registration materials to the Right to Know Law.  Currently, voter registration cards and voter affidavits from those who refuse to show proof of either identity or address or both are exempted by law.
  • Applying the centuries old legal definition of “domicile” to our registration process.
  • Requiring (for real) a current and state issued driver’s license, state issued non-driver’s ID, military ID or passport for proof of identity and address at both the time of registration and voting.  If someone from another state has moved here, then the same picture ID would be required to provide proof of identity and documents, such as closing papers, signed lease agreement, utility bills and or bank statements all showing the current address would be required.

Part First, Article 11 of the New Hampshire Constitution is clear about who can vote.  It is also clearly defines the General Court’s responsibilities in matters of registering voters and providing the opportunity to vote.  Senate Bill 3 violates this provision of our constitution and, believe it or not, that’s one of the bill’s lesser sins.

As sent today at 1:16 PM.  We will publish any response we receive.  Click here to find your state rep.

Hi, Bill.
This morning on my radio show, Ed Naile presented the 2017 results of the Interstate Voter Registration Cross Check Program New Hampshire recently joined.  We’ve published the numbers here.
To hit some of the highlights: 
  • 94,610 people registered in New Hampshire have counterparts with the exact first name, last name and date of birth as people in the other 27 states that participate in the program.
  • Over 40,000 people on our voter rolls have identical counterparts with the same first name, last name and birth date in Massachusetts.
  • Over 13,000 people registered in New Hampshire have the same first name, last name and birth date as voters registered in Maine. 
Unfortunately, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York aren’t part of the program, so we don’t know how many voters on our rolls have identical first names, last names and birth dates in those states.
As a result of this information, I have several questions: 
  1. Were you aware of this information?
  2. If so, when did you become aware of it?
  3. Did you share it with the legislature at any time, especially as you testified in favor of SB 3 or on any other legislation aimed at our voter registration issues?
  4. If you weren’t aware of it, why weren’t you?
  5. What steps with you take, either alone or in conjunction with Attorney General MacDonald to review the significant number of voters on our state’s registration rolls that have counterparts in other states with identical first names, last names and birth dates to identify and remove the thousands that are likely improperly registered and voting here?
  6. What charges, if any will you either pursue or recommend be pursued against the double registrants/voters on our rolls? 
If not evidence of a significant issue with our state’s election integrity, what conclusion(s) do you draw from this data given the statistical impossibility that there are 53,000+ “twins” on our voter rolls that also exist in just Massachusetts and Maine.
There were many other issues covered in our discussion this morning, and many more questions raised.  You are invited to listen and respond if you so choose.  However, with the vote on SB 3 pressing, these are the pressing ones, to which I will add: 
  1. If a student from outside the state or their home NH community may vote in the community of the institution of learning at which they are a student, will they be eligible 
    1. for jury duty, 
    2. eligible to serve in elective office or 
    3. entitled to in state tuition (in the case of the USNH)?
  2. Will they be required to:
    1. register their vehicles
    2. register their pets
    3. obtain a NH driver’s license
  3. Will someone who signs a lease of more than 30 days for a vacation rental be considered eligible to vote under SB3?  How about someone who has a short term rental (greater than 30 days) for business, educational, family care or other purposes?
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Rich Girard
Humble Host