(Hours 1a,b) Rich started the show by talking about a San Diego School Board meeting, before he informed the listeners that the ACLU is suing the Granite State over absentee ballot guidelines.  He then discussed a criticism that the Manchester School Board received from a student within their jurisdiction.  Finally, he addressed religious text within the Granite State’s school curriculum.  “Political correctness is destroying the country,” he pointed out.  Tune in to get the details.


(Hour 1b) Rich gave the listeners a reminder about our country’s first run-in with militant Islamist groups.  He then played a clip from the San Diego School Board, in which a parent rallied against the hypocrisy concerning religious text in the school curriculum.  Finally, he commented about Thomas Jefferson’s intentions in the letter that inspired the separation of church and state.  

Click here for the article that includes the video that was played.