Bill Gardner

(Hours 1c,2a) Guest hosts Nick Pappas and Joe Doiron talked to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, for A Question of Voter Fraud.  They started by speaking about states, such as Kentucky’s, that are denying to send information to President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission.  Ed then answered a question from John in Manchester regarding the differences between President Trump’s commission and the Kansas project.  Finally, they discussed Secretary of State Bill Gardner, voter fraud in Nevada and more.  Tune in to hear all about it!


(Hour 2a) Joe started the second segment with Ed by inquiring about how he got involved in the fight against voter fraud.  They talked about whether or not progress is being made and answered State Representative Lisa Freeman’s question about violations to the Voter Right Act.  Finally, they Ed answered Nick’s question about what’s worse between third party registration or same say voter registration.