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Open Positions

Field Marketing Representatives

Solicits on air sponsors and Web site advertisers to financially underwrite our operations.  Manages our relationships with the several area chambers of commerce with which we have arrangements.  Locates and networks with community members, groups and businesses to expand our presence, provide media opportunities and form new partnerships.  These positions are commission only.

Web Community Manager

Girard at Large has a significant Web presence, which includes our Web site and social media outlets.  It is critical to our growth and ability to exchange information with our audience that it be expanded and managed on a daily basis.  This work includes updating and expanding our Web site and social media outlets.

Broadcast Technicians

Broadcast technicians are responsible for the the set up and execution of the show’s on air and internet stream transmission from the station and any remote location.  Duties  include managing the show clock, recording the show, producing and publishing audio archives to our We site from the recordings, screening and airing phone calls, posting material to our social media outlets in real time and post airing, managing and airing sponsor messages, playing music bumpers, sound clips and “zingers” as necessary, on air banter with the host and guest, providing live traffic reports and our “Backyard Sports Flash” reports.  Duties also include the production of on air spots aired by our sponsors.  Writing, speaking, computer and Internet skills are required.


Girard at Large covers a variety of government, political, community and business events and organizations.  Correspondents are responsible to be present at these and other events of interest to accurately report on what transpired and record/write stories for publication both on air and on-line.  Real time blogging of various events is a signature feature of our coverage.  The abilities to take notes, ask questions, write stories and verbally explain what took place are required for this position.


Our business is in need of someone who can organize and maintain documents, sponsor agreements and billing.  The administrator will also assist with various scheduling and communication duties.