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Author: Ann Marie Banfield

Warning on Full Day Kindergarten

WARNING on FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN The Obama administration made full day kindergarten and universal pre-school a big part of their education reform that included the Common Core Standards. Years later parents are discovering how the Common Core Standards have dumbed down their local schools and didn’t help their children at all. The push for full day kindergarten continues. Parents may think starting kids earlier in school, gives them an advantage. However there is enough evidence that suggests this political agenda should be reconsidered. First early childhood experts from across the country have been warning us that the Common Core Standards in the early grades are developmentally inappropriate. This explains why you will hear stories from parents explaining why their young children are in tears over homework. For instance, some of the kindergarten Common Core math standards were in the 1st grade California math standards. This gave the child’s brain an extra year to develop. One would think that by starting early, Common Core was setting children up to surpass their international peers. Unfortunately that’s not the case either. Not only are the early Common Core standards developmentally inappropriate for young children, the confusing ways to learn Common Core math slows down their progress. Students in California and Massachusetts were prepared for Algebra I by 8th grade using their old and superior math standards. Compare that to Common Core Math...

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Look Who’s Fighting Against Parental Rights, AGAIN! AND YOU PAY THEM

The hearing on HB 103 took place this week in the Senate Education Committee.  The usual suspects were there to oppose parental rights.  HB 103 would require notification when sexual education would be taught to their children.  Anytime you try to inform or involve parents in the sex education of their children, the same people tend to show up and oppose that.  The worst part is, you probably PAY THEIR SALARY. Who showed up to testify against parental rights this time? 1) Carl Ladd, New Hampshire School Administrators Association (5:15) NHSAA 2) Barrett Christina, New Hampshire School Boards Association (9:32) NHSBA...

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“Save The Children” Or Waste Money Claiming You’re Saving Them!

Save The Children has been pushing the political agenda for full time kindergarten in New Hampshire for awhile now.  According to a recent article from WMUR, this organization spent $1 MILLION dollars trying to defeat Governor Chris Sununu in the primary. Now this same organization is going to spend another $45,000.00 in ads to continue their political agenda to force the State to fund full day kindergarten. This first should be a local decision since the State doesn’t have money that’s growing on trees.  There are other needs schools face, and that was brought up at the hearing to fund full-day...

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WARNING : Upcoming NAEP Assessment: Violates Federal Law?

The National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP or the “Nations Report card) is administered to students across the country.   NAEP assessments are conducted in a range of subjects with fourth-, eighth- and twelfth-graders across the country. The NAEP includes a survey at the end of the assessment.  They describe the need to survey students this way: “NAEP survey questionnaires are administered as part of the NAEP assessment and collect contextual information that complement NAEP performance results. Every year, students who are selected to participate in NAEP complete a survey questionnaire at the end of the assessment. NAEP survey questionnaires...

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The Dirty Politics From The Frank Edelblut Nomination

Dirty politics just got dirtier The nomination of Frank Edelblut to Commissioner of Education in New Hampshire has proven to be one of the dirtiest political games in a long time. From the inquisition by Executive Councilor Volinsky, to the Chairman of the Board of Education Tom Raffio playing politics, this leaves parents wondering if anyone will ever hear their concerns,. In 2010, the New Hampshire State Board of Education adopted the Common Core standards in Math and English. From that point forward, parents have been waging a war against Common Core in New Hampshire. You can see it...

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Why I Support School-Choice, Oppose Common Core But Do Not Support Betsy DeVos

President Trump promised to get rid of Common Core during his campaign for president.  Opponents of Common Core like me understood that the Obama redesign in public education was much more than just a set of dumbed down standards for our public schools. We expected President Trump to appoint a Secretary of Education that understood why this reform was not only going to dumb down our schools, but completely transform them into something parents didn’t ask for and do not want. I’ve always been a supporter of school-choice and I was proud to support our school-choice program in New Hampshire.  When the creators of New Hampshire’s scholarship program came to me years ago to ask for my support, I made sure our program was NOT a VOUCHER program.  As much as I’d like parents to take their tax dollars and use them for their child’s education, vouchers have been used by bureaucrats as a way to control private schools. Instead New Hampshire has the Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire.  This program was set up in a way to keep bureaucrats from using the money to control our private and parochial schools.  Companies and individuals donate to the organization, they receive a tax credit or deduction, the funds are then distributed from the organization leaving bureaucrats unable to attach strings to that money. The DeVos idea is to use government funding that...

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Democrats: Should the U.S. Secretary of Ed FOLLOW Federal Law or NOT?

Yesterday the U.S. Senate Education Committee held a hearing on the nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Eduction. Betsy DeVos took questions and concerns from the U.S. Senators, and listened as several of the Democrat Senators on the Committee insisted she would uphold and enforce federal law if confirmed. Why were they so concerned about following federal law now? Under the Obama administration, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, issued waivers from the No Child Left Behind Law.  No one seemed bothered that the Department head was taking unprecedented power and issuing waivers to federal law. Where was the call for going through the democratic process or the insistence that he enforce federal law?  Many of us were very concerned that usurping the democratic process was a big problem but we didn’t see the Senators objecting. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was a law that needed to be repealed.  It set the stage for the latest boondoggle in education reform–Common Core.  Instead of working with congress to repeal the law, Secretary Duncan issued waivers.   Those who hated NCLB thought this was a good but it needed to go through the three branches of government. That’s how a Republic works.  The Secretary took power that was never given to him and no one seemed to care. On top of that, there were many problems with the waivers that not...

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Great News: Frank Edelblut – Nominee for Commissioner Of Education in NH

Remember when Governor Chris Sununu ran his campaign promising to “scrap Common Core?”  Here is his first executive decision on education in New Hampshire and he hit a home-run! A BIG congratulations to Frank Edelblut on his nomination to become the next Commissioner of Education in New Hampshire. Frank would be a HUGE asset and improvement in this state. HE understands the problems plaguing our schools and will work to improve public education in New Hampshire. Parents need to thank Governor Chris Sununu on this EXCELLENT choice and encourage your Executive Councilors to accept this nomination. Find your councilor...

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HB275, NH Testing, Unethical and Invalid

Ann Marie Banfield 
Education Liaison, Cornerstone Action
 January 11, 2017 Testimony before the New Hampshire House Education Committee HB275 Testimony Prohibiting the inclusion of statewide assessment results in a student’s transcript without consent.  For the record, my name is Ann Marie Banfield and I am the Education Liaison for Cornerstone Action. I come here today in support of HB275. The first question you should ask yourself is, what is the purpose of standardized testing? In the past, it’s been a way to inform parents and schools on whether their children have mastered the academic content in the core subjects. Unfortunately standardized testing has deviated so far from its original intent that parents are refusing to let their children take those tests. Standardized tests are still the norm for private and parochial schools and this has served parents and administrators well. Achievement testing gives parents and school personnel good information on how well the students have mastered the academic content. The purpose of achievement testing is to test academic knowledge, return that information to the school and parents and allow them to proceed with changes if necessary. 

Psychometric assessments used in public schools are different,. They are used to measure attitudes and values and collect data on students for judging and ranking purposes. This is why parents are now refusing the standardized assessments for their children. 

That is unfortunate because...

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Look Who’s Fighting AGAINST Parental Rights in New Hampshire. AGAIN

Yesterday, January 11, 2017 there were several hearings at the House Education Committee in Concord.  One of the Bills up for consideration is HB103 sponsored by Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan.  It’s a good pro-parental rights piece of legislation.  It simply says that the schools will notify parents when sex ed. is going to be taught to their children. That’s basically it. Nothing about how it’s to be taught. Nothing about what is to be taught. Just let parents know. Who OBJECTED?  The New Hampshire School Boards Association.  NHSBA REMEMBER, you pay taxes to the school, they in turn pay dues to...

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