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Author: Dave Martinez

Schools & Social Media; Charging for Right to Know

(Hour 1b) Rich shared some genuine love for the folks runnin’ the Facebook and Twitter pages for the Goffstown schools. For Pat Long’s Right to Know bill that would charge citizens to get information from their government, Rich wasn’t so gracious. Long’s bill is intended to cut down on the abuses of the Right to Know process.  Harriet Cady called in to join the chorus of...

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Greenglass on Microchips, Rabies Clinics, Cold Cows

(Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass from the Manchester Animal Shelter joined us for another entertaining and informative installment of Pet Sense. Aimee Sherman called in to remind us about tonight’s Manchester Monarchs game to benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Greenglass talked about the importance of rabies clinics and why microchip implants are something she and the MAS strongly support. Also, Louie the cow’s living arrangements and how cows and other livestock handle the freezing cold. Pet Sense is sponsored by Soil Away Cleaning & Restoration...

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Still in Shock Over HSB Deliberations, MSB Decisions

(Hour 2a) We’re still in shock about what happened during a deliberative session this week in Hooksett. Dumbstruck by Deliberative Decisions in Hooksett Even more shocking, and disappointing, was the Manchester School Board’s decision to say “Yes” to smarter balanced testing, for fear of losing federal funds.   Patrice from Manchester called in to comment.  Tim from Litchfield called in to claim our gift for Valentine’s...

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Lynch on “Making Obama Nothing But a Bad Dream”

(Hour 2b) Dennis Michael Lynch is an acclaimed film producer, public speaker and political commentator. Although he’s never served as a politician, Lynch is considering throwing his hat in the ring for a run at the Presidency in 2016. Tune in to hear Lynch’s compelling case and why he believes his message will resonate in NH, and beyond, if he can just get the chance to speak on the stage. Visit Dennis Michael Lynch 2016 to learn...

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Daniel Popivici-Muller, Candidate for Windham School Board

(Hour 3c) Daniel Popivici-Muller is a candidate for the Windham School Board. The schools in Windham werebig parts of the reasons why he moved there.  The School Board, that’s a different story. Popivici-Muller addressed the Cenergistic deal, a microcosm of the problems with “the way they’re doing business” at the Windham SB. Also, Daniel’s views on the financial culture of the Windham School District and Common Core.  Daniel Popovici-Muller for School...

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Special Meetings in Hooksett, White Flags in MHT

(Hour 1a, b) (Hour 1a) Rich shared historic jokes abour Franco-American Manchester Mayors and talked about the reasons why he was headed to Concord later this morning. Also, facts for Anthem customers and a big squabble over capital costs not covered in the Hooksett tuition contract. (Hour 1b) We surrender! That’s pretty much what the Manchester Board of School Committee said at last night’s meeting in response to empty federal funding threats made by the NH Department of Education. Got smarter balanced assessment testing?  #CommonCore Read more in the On Air News...

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