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Author: Ed Naile

Secretary of State Bill Gardner – Too Little – Too Late

NH1 News has a nice scoop about voter fraud in NH’s 2016 election where thousands of-out-of state voters tipped a US Senate seat – but they drink some of the standard NH voter fraud Kool Aide in the story. Too bad. Still, they now have a lot of the issues out in the open regarding the State of NH policy letting non-residents vote. In this article the NH Secretary of State claims there about 450 returned same-day voter applications of people who voted without any form of identification who might be involved in a possible investigation. The ridiculous...

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Naile Calls out FEC Chairman over NH Voter Fraud

Federal Elections Commission Chairman Walther: My name is Ed Naile. I am Chairman of The Coalition of NH Taxpayers  (CNHT) and I have been tracking and documenting voter fraud in NH for 20 years. I was disappointed to say the least regarding Commissioner Ellen Weintraub’s Fe. 10 2017 statement regarding widespread voter fraud in my state. I have no idea where she has attained enough information about New Hampshire to make such a bold public statement on FEC letterhead. It looks more political than informational. This state has almost as many registered voters as it has citizens old enough to...

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Cancelling Duly Posted Meetings or Elections

If weather conditions look like they could be dangerous to voters at an annual Town, Village District, or School Meeting, the Moderator can postpone the meeting – but not a date set for an election of officers by ballot. That is reserved by law to election laws supervised by the Secretary of State, found in RSA Chapter 654. This isn’t rocket science. These laws define who is in charge of meetings and who is in charge of elections. Just because one votes at both doesn’t make them the same. Have you ever discussed the merits of a candidate with...

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What Domicile Does One Use For An Unlawful Election At A Postponed Meeting?

I have had the pleasure of watching an attorney from the New Hampshire Municipal Association (aka – Local Government Center) conclude that various annual meetings in NH were lawfully postponed by various moderators because of a snow storm. The NHMA counsel is using RSA 40:4 The NH Secretary of State takes issue with the NHMA (aka – Siphoned millions, unlawfully from municipalities insurance sold through their exclusive state monopoly) telling municipalities that is unlawful to postpone a meeting that includes an election by ballot. The SoS is using RSA Chapter 654. Right up front I can admit I don’t...

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Out of state students caught voting at UNH

By Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud on the Girard at Large Radio Show.  ~Publius Eleven out-of-state UNH students were arrested Wednesday 02/23/2017 on criminal mischief charges during the Patriots over-celebration. I checked the Durham voter checklist today for coincidences and had six coincidences pop up. Garrett Colantino, 22, of Reading, Mass. – A Garrett John Colantino is NH voter #300469904 Elizabeth Connolly, 19, of Dorchester, Mass. – An Elizabeth Mary Connolly is NH voter # 300469921 Sophia Benedetti, 20, of Danbury, Conn. – A Sophia Marie Benedetti...

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SB 47 – A Voter Fraud Clown Car Stopped By – No Thanks

A little bird called me early this morning to let me know about an article regarding voter fraud in the Manchester paper. It is a letter to the editor by two attorneys warning everyone about Senate Bill 47, a bill to let SoS Bill Gardner, of all people, handle voter fraud investigations – not the NH AG’s fumbling office. The left-wing lawyers are right. It would be an abomination to let Secretary of State Gardner have anything to do with investigating voter fraud – or even our current political hack of an AG. Both have had plenty of time...

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A Message to Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub of the Federal Elections Commission

Having read your open letter to President Trump regarding voter fraud in the State of New Hampshire, where I happen to be a legal, domiciled resident, as well as a qualified voter, I offer some simple clarification about NH and voter fraud. First of all, thank you very much for the opportunity to expose your blatant attempt at diversion. I could not have asked for a more opportune time for you to step out in front of an issue you have ignored for so long. As you well know, the first statute you pointed to, RSA 659:34 (I) (e)...

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NH AG’s “Investigations” Leave Something to be Desired

Here is a typical, designed-to-find-nothing, voter fraud investigation the NH AG conducted after the 2010 General Election in NH. This is a requirement of NH and Federal law. It is posted on the NH SoS web site under 2010 Investigations. The NH AG’s Office investigator’s name was Mark Myrdek. The investigation was held on July 7, 2011. The “investigation” centered on a supposed data entry glitch caused by the Durham Clerk who used a “2” instead of a “7” causing the letter sent to same-day-no-I.D. voters to come back as undeliverable. We are supposed to believe the Durham Post...

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What’s That Stuck In Your Hat?

A few thoughts on the Feminazi March on Washington DC. Mostly white, and they probably have some sort of college degree where they were indoctrinated into not being able to think for themselves. It was January and the weather was cold and wet – so we were spared from the sight of them taking their clothes of for more attention. They were promised by their beloved media and professional pollsters that they were going to be winners – not LOSERS. Nothing like having vulgar, hate spewing signs around the poor children they dragged to the event. Lots of trash...

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Trump Takes On Voter Fraud – It’s About To Get Alinsky

With the recent announcement by President Trump, regarding his intention to have a nationwide investigation of voter fraud, New Hampshire voters need to know a few extra details about what that will probably entail. Here is what I think. First of all, President Trump and his investigators will face a withering assault from the opposition party and their friends in the press. We all expect that. Secondly, anyone who supports, publicly, an effort to expose voter fraud will be countered with accusations of racism, voter suppression, etc. The usual Alinsky, isolate, target, ridicule, program. The meat of the issue...

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