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Author: Jacob Brahm

Identity Politics and its Danger

(Hour 1a) Rich started out by recapping his first week back from vacation, and how glad he is for the weekend. He moved on to talk about Hillary and the Democratic Party using the race card, as well as the dangerous move towards...

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State Senate Candidate George Lambert

(Hour 1b, c) Rich was joined by state senate candidate George Lambert, who is a Republican running in district 18. They talked about George’s background, as well as Medicaid expansion and the issue of transgenderism with...

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Enemy Navies: Jefferson vs Clinton/Hassan

(Hour 2a) Rich talked about Iranian nuclear deal and Derek Dufresne’s comments about Governor Hassan on the issue. Rich continued on to talk about Hillary Clinton in regards to the nuclear deal and finished up the segment...

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The Taxman and Bad Weather

(Hour 3a) Rich talked about the Manchester tax assessment, and how the tax rate may or may not change for people, and how the assessment works. Afterwards, Al Kaprielian called in to give us the weekend weather, and tell us...

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Tom Colantuono on Hillary Clinton

(Hour 3c) Rich was joined by former US Attorney Tom Colantuono to talk about Hillary Clinton and her rampant corruption. They discussed The Clinton Foundation, pay 2 play politics, and why Tom thinks that an independent counsel...

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