Why the Web?

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Don’t Lose Your Audience to the Internet. Meet Them There.

As technology evolves, so do your customers. Today more than ever before, businesses must stay in-step with new and innovative ways of getting their messages out to prospective customers. Today’s advertiser must remain ahead of the curve to ensure they cover all their bases in tracking their ever-changing audience. Incorporating internet advertising as an integral part of your advertising budget makes sense for today’s businesses who want to remain savvy with communicating their messages quickly and with precision (for more details about advertising specifications, check out our Sponsor Resources page).

Social Media

The Girard at Large program reaches tens of thousands of fans every week on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels. This is in addition to its website traffic! The program is following a deliberate and carefully constructed strategy for establishing and expanding a strong social media presence. We can offer your brand exposure to this highly targeted local audience!

Your Customers Are Online, Like Never Before

If you want to know where to find your customers, chances are they are online. People from all walks of life now turn to the internet to share information, conduct research, look for employment, shop, and connect with one another. In fact, it would appear that almost any basic need for information can now be satisfied online. It is undeniable that your customers are now online, all the time. To remain competitive, any forward-thinking business needs to develop a targeted online presence.

A Broad Audience is Just a Click Away

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to advertise on the internet is the ease and speed with which your message can impact a wide-range of people. Within seconds, your ad will reach countless viewers. As anyone knows, the more people you reach with your message, the greater the likelihood that you will receive a positive end result or sale.

The Ability to Target Your Audience

Additionally while internet advertising can reach widespread audiences, it provides the flexibility to target your audience with precision, focusing on those sites that will ensure your message meets its intended recipient. You can tailor audiences by age, gender, geographical region or interests. In other words, you can make sure that those who hear your message are the ones more likely to buy. With internet advertising, you are virtually assured that your message is viewed only by relevant consumers.

Source: The Advantages of Advertising on the Internet, by David Ingram

Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

During difficult economic times, the first thing that tends to be cut is one’s advertising budget; particularly with small business. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of online advertising is its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Because a business can carefully target its audience as well as track the effectiveness of an internet ad, it can better tailor its ongoing ad placement. And the amount of exposure your message receives continues around the clock. For example, a traditional television spot generally airs for less than 2 minutes and has a limited amount of times it will run in a 12-hour period. Internet ads, on the other hand, can be viewed by countless people, 24 hours a day. The amount of exposure your business gets from internet advertising, coupled with its dramatically lower price tag, make it an ideal choice for businesses today.

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