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Category: 2015 Election

Joyce Craig Calls for Recount

(Hour 1b) Rich discussed the recount for the Mayoral race that Joyce Craig is requesting.  He explained how absentee ballots work and made his prediction on how the recount will go.  He also told us about similar experiences...

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Analysis of Election Results

(Hour 2a) Rich told us about what happened last night.  He shared about the high turnout with the elderly and discussed individual races.  Dave called to chime in on the importance of tax cap in the election and he and Ed Naile...

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Election Day Candidate Overview

(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich gave us a look at some of the voting numbers and told us about the impact that Ward 1 has on the race.  He reminded us about Ron Ludwig’s violation of the Charter. (Hour 3b) Rich started off by talking...

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