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Category: Granite State Goodie Guide

Christmas Events and the NH Magazine

(Hour 3c) Erika Thoits, Managing Editor of the New Hampshire Magazine, spoke to Rich about a number of upcoming Christmas events for Granite State Goodie Guide.  She shared about Northeastern Ballet Theatre events, Palace Theatre productions, the Distiller’s Showcase and more. now is the time to buy tickets for christmas events Northeastern Ballet Theatre events palace theatre productions distiller showcase symphony nh beer...

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Monthly Beer Club and Other Events

(Hour 3c) Erika Thoits of New Hampshire Magazine talked about her work in helping to organize the Monthly Beer Club at NH Taphouse Bar & Grille.  She also talked about an upcoming distiller showcase that NH Magazine is sponsoring and a Currier exhibit.  Finally she informed the listeners about Hood Downtown and the New Hampshire Brewfest.  Tune in to this segment of Granite State Goodie Guide for the details. Click here and here for more information.  ...

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Crispy Apples and a Bag of Beans

(Hour 3c) Susan Laughlin of New Hampshire Magazine shared a way to keep apples crispy for a longer duration.  She talked with Rich about Farmers Markets, her trip to Seattle and the beans that she brought in.  Tune in for more information from this week’s Granite State Goodie Guide....

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Fall Things with the Granite State Goodie Guide

(Hour 3c) Rich spoke to Erika Thoits of New Hampshire Magazine for Granite State Goodie Guide.  She talked about fall things, starting by displaying concerns about the foliage season.  She talked about the Exeter Powder Keg Beer & Chili Festival, the New Hampshire Food Truck Festival and upcoming Halloween events. Click here for the mentioned link....

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