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Category: Veterans In Our Own Backyard

Upcoming Events with Mike Lopez

(Hour 2b) Rich spoke to former Alderman Mike Lopez for Veterans In Our Own Backyard.  Mike started by sharing details about American Pride Night at the SNHU Arena this Saturday (Feb. 25).  They then discussed the Swim With a Mission event, a generous donation from the Ocean State Job Lot and a number of veteran-related bills....

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Veteran Park’s POW MIA Monument and Pearl Harbor Casualties

(Hour 2c) After sharing about his personal experience from Glenn’s Appliance, Rich read from Manchester’s Honored Veterans for Veterans in Our Own Backyard.  He told the listeners about the POW MIA monument at Veterans Park and spoke about the children who were killed in Pearl Harbor.  Finally, he reached out to veterans who would be willing to come on the air and share their stories....

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Pearl Harbor Day and Knowing Your Military

(Hours 2b,c) Rich spoke this morning to Dan Beliveau, Commander at the Manchester Veterans’ Council, for Veterans in Our Own Backyard.  They talked about the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and an upcoming event.  Tune in for the details..   (Hour 2c) Rich and Dan discussed that antics of 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  They then talked about the Star Spangled Banner and Dan informed Rich about different military positions. ...

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Representative Al Baldasaro on Veterans’ Affairs and President-Elect Trump

(Hours 2b,c) Rich spoke to Representative Al Baldasaro for Veterans In Our Own Backyard.  They started the segment by discussing the role that Al played in President-Elect Donald Trump’s view of veteran issues.  They then talked about whether or not the VA is worth keeping around. (Hour 2c) Rich and Al discussed Trump’s medical card, the effect of President Obama’s Presidency on veterans, the Speaker’s race and more.  Tune in for the details....

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