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Health & Wellness: preventing Prostate Cancer

(Hour 2b) “Sweet” Caroline Pierce, RN with Pelle Medical Spa came in to talk about a subject that everybody loves: prostate cancer.  Caroline explained the importance of following Matt Lauer’s lead by having an examination (although you don’t have to do one on live TV like he did).  Sore back?  That may be a syptom.  Early detection is key, so get a blood test and a rectal exam!...

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Family’s fight against Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

(Hour 3b, c) Diana Pepino’s daughter Emily was recently diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  She’s been dealing with ongoing medical issues for six years following a knee injury she sustained at the age of 6, including dealing with a local doctor that claimed the pain “was all in her head.”  Diana shared the details on this dreaded disease and her family’s difficult journey to care for Emily.  Caroline Pierce called in to stress the importance of healthcare personnel to tend to the Fifth Vital Sign.  “Pain is something to be taken very seriously. Pain directly affects the other four vital...

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Wyman on Mental Health Caregivers, Patients, Regulations

(Hour 1a, b, c) Amy Wyman is an RN at Elliot Hospital.  Her husband Don also works there.  In July, Don was brutally attacked by Ansel Kinglocke, a mentally-ill patient.  Amy describes the incident and the permanent injuries that Don sustained.  Amy expressed her gratitude for the much needed financial assistance from the Elliot staff and People’s Bank.   Amy also had much to say about media perceptions of mental health caregivers, funding cuts and longer waits for patients to receive the care they desperately need.  Our very own RN, Caroline Pierce called in (28:00) to comment on frontline caregivers...

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Self-examination VITAL for Breast Cancer Prevention

(Hour 2b) Caroline Pierce, RN came in to remind us that Breast Cancer Awareness doesn’t end after October.  Self-examination is VITAL in early detection efforts, despite what the U.S. Preventative Task Force has to say about it.  And CRUCIAL, not just for women, but for men too!

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Flu Shot Pros and Cons

(Hour 2b) Caroline Pierce, RN of Pelle Skin Renewal gave us the pros and cons of flu shots.  She also discussed antibiotics and the ongoing changes in modern medicine.  Dave from Hooksett called in to add to the discussion with his take and his opinion of antibacterial soap....

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Treatments for Migraine Sufferers

(Hour 2b) Caroline Pierce, RN joined us with the symptoms of and treatments for migraines.  Attention migraine sufferers: it might not just be “Oh My Head,”  it could be something much more serious! Caroline also announced the big GRAND OPENING tonight of Pelle Skin Renewal to be attended by Mayor Ted Gatsas and former Congressman Frank Guinta....

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Why You NEED to Brush Your Teeth

(Hour 2b)  We had Your Health and Wellness with Caroline Pierce of Pelle Skin Renewal and this week we’re talking about oral hygiene!  Did you know that there’s a big link between oral problems and heart disease?  Plus, no one wants to kiss a dirty mouth… Caroline has been a Registered Nurse for 27 years, most of which has been in the skin care industry managing medical teams while serving as a director for wound care and hyperbaric...

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