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Piccola Opera

(Hour 3c) We talked to Jane Cormier of the Piccola Opera, she shared everything there is to know about the world of Opera. She also promoted an event she will be having this weekend, and finished off with a small number....

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The Muchachos

(Hour 1c) Rich and Al Gagne of The Muchachos discussed about their upcoming fiesta this weekend. The two went on to discuss the band’s history and the kind of players they have. Al explained the kind of events the band...

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Trump Republican Party

(Hour 1b) In this segment Rich mentioned Trump’s Republican party nomination. He also discussed the black community opportunities around business ventures.¬†Finally he talked about Hilary Clinton and the collaborations she...

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Censorship Galore

(Hour 1c) Rich and Jon DiPietro our Web Savvy segment host talked about the censorship galore during this segment. They visited the issue of Milo Yiannopoulos and how twitter banned his account. The two also take about the...

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