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    Patrice Benard

    Here’s the Agenda


    Let’s see how this goes. They have things on the Agenda that have not been heard at the committee level, but TFA seems to think they are above the law and don’t have to have public meetings. I’ll be speaking to that during Public Comment.

    Patrice Benard

    Glenn Douglas during Public Comment- reviewing last month’s minutes. Concerned that board met during non-public. Concerned about Parent Steering Committee meeting in non-public. Concerned about Restorative Justice post that I made this past month, posting the flyer I found in the lobby. Has a serious concern about this as thinks this is damaging to the school.

    Patrice Benard

    Minutes of February moved without comment.

    Mr. Gaumont give very short Faculty Report. No comments.

    The student rep is not present.

    Dean’s Report: Talking about testing. Glitch today with 6th grade due to DOE. (unverified at this time as I was unable to reach the Assessment Director today)

    Will be mtg with a Milford teacher about Civics. (see the Dean’s Report for full report)

    (Note that the Dean fails to mention that no opt-out letter was sent home, like Manchester did)

    Dean now talking about Restorative Justice Committee. Has just had two assemblies to introduce the subject to the students. (And Mr. Douglas thought this had been around for a while. She just proved my point, it was JUST introduced.)

    Dean turns it over to Patty Humphrey who claims that students and parents asked for this. (Ok, I have to laugh. The way she is describing it is all peace, love, and ….. what the heck has she been….. never mind) She went to Pittsfield to learn more about this (Pittsfield, whose test scores are marginally above Manchester’s- at the bottom of the barrel.) She reiterates that they haven’t started yet but hopes that all will give it a chance.

    Dean continues on and on…. MacKenzie named Teacher of Month. Mrs. Sanville named Volunteer of the Month.

    Now going off-script to announce Volunteers of the Month for March- Lawton and Olsen families for their help in getting a donation of office furniture. (Which is fabulous! I can now retire from the Furniture Sub-Committee my son and I have handled for the past 2 yrs. My U-Haul days are over!!)

    Summer camps, Job Fair- 40 applicants (Heaven help us)

    Bundy organizing an 8th Grade Graduation party (No mention if this is for anyone just aging out, or if care will be taken to only honor those who have actually completed all middle school classes. If they do that, it will be a much smaller group.)

    High school play. Best Practices conference (yeah, where we found out from testimony in Concord yesterday, that they were discussing how they would fight the charter school bill that would have made sure that parent representatives on the Board are elected by the parents, not hand-picked by the Administration, which is how TFA has done it all these years)

    Patrice Benard

    They just moved the Treasurer’s Report, even though they did not have a Public Meeting of the Finance Committee this month.

    Chairman reads the Admissions report.

    Now reading the Legal Opinion of Dean Eggert regarding the Parent Steering Committee.

    Mercier says it was set up against the Charter. Removing me as Chair of the Board Steering Committee.

    Patrice Benard

    Kline reporting on changes they plan on making in Humanities department. Too bad it’s not available to publish. Nor has this ever been discussed at the Committee level for Public review.

    Humphrey asks What is Rhetoric? (Ok, you have got to admit that this is hysterical, coming from a Founder of a school that was supposed to be providing a classical education.)

    Patrice Benard

    Meeting adjourns.

    Here’s the link to the video which I is now up.

    Sorry for the short blog, but I was rather busy doing a few other things after I was removed from the formerly independent PSC.

    Glenn Douglas

    I was specifically concerned with this post:

    I found this in the lobby of The Founders Academy yesterday morning. This ‘Restorative Justice’ model was used in the high school in FL where so many lives were lost. Parents need to know that this is how troubled children are now being handled at TFA. https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2018/02/28/obama_administration_school_discipline_policy_and_the_parkland_shooting.html

    My point was not that this ‘Restorative justice’ is new or old. My concern is that the post above falsely states that this group is using the same policy used in Parkland Florida. That is completely FALSE as the video clearly points out.

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