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    Patrice Benard

    Thomas- NW is in my ward. Crucial that they get space. No school should have portables if we are redistricting. If we are only moving the 5th grade, it’s more like a band-aid. More development up on Hackett Hill. Numbers will be increasing. Specials on a cart. Lunch and Gym are sharing a space. Not sure we should be spending money on a prek at MMHS when we have teachers coming to us saying they need basic supplies.

    Vargas- 2 million would be spent over time. Better than 5 million on a stand alone school. NW’s gym/lunch is by design. Facilities study took into account the growth on the West Side. Our biggest threat is actually the decline in enrollment throughout the district. New charter school opening here next fall. We cannot ignore this situation. Now we have 600 kids homeschooling. Plus charter schools… this has to be examined as a factor. What are we going to do to slow down the decline?

    Patrice Benard

    Want- good discussion. Agrees with Avard if this is just for the west side. Agrees that we can only expand the PV model by starting slowly, and on the west side. GP is one of the most special schools we have. (of course, she must oppose the Girard plan vehemently. She and Desrochers will never vote for anything that Girard might propose)

    So she won’t support Girard’s plan. Would rather take space at MMHS for preK.

    Craig- wants some clarification. Feeder pattern – Sept 2018, no cost. Yes. Mtg MST students applications – Sept 2018, costs 4 positions. Reduction of class sizes – will only be able to maintain progress we have made. Full elementary goals met on the west side Sept 2019. Craig – but we need costs for future years for incorporating the entire city. Vargas unwilling to give numbers tonight beyond the next fiscal year. Vargas says that you told me we didn’t have the money in the next year, so I made adjustments. Craig pushing back, wants all the schools to be budgeted. Vargas, I don’t want to come here with all the plans only to have you tell me that money isn’t available.

    Craig giving him a hard time. (Watch the video to get the proper feel of her tone at this hour)

    Also has concerns about putting prek at MMHS – cost and space with MST concerns. (and the stream cuts out…. )

    Patrice Benard

    Girard- is reviewing numbers at NW. Has concerns, similar to Thomas. Reads the numbers. Much larger numbers in the lower grades with kids coming in. Taking 5th grade out won’t do enough. Vargas says to take in account the portables. Girard agrees with Thomas that if we are redistricting, we should get rid of the portables. Vargas says the teachers like the AC in their portables. Girard says you have more kids coming in than are leaving? If we have to use the portables, I’d rather our kids use them to reduce class size than have them rented to Head Start. Vargas- there are many definitions about space. I’m going with the Facilities study. Girard- has similar conditions at Webster school. Several large single family developments going in in that neighborhood. What are you doing about that? Vargas- I am following the study we commissioned. Principal says we are making strides. Will do more if we move the 5th grade. Girard- there are 25 3 bedroom homes being built right across the street.

    Patrice Benard

    Craig- wants to consider the hour. Can we vote on feeder pattern and MST tonight and then schedule another meeting to discuss the rest? Vargas- there is nothing really new being brought forward. Would like to give families some answers. Is willing to come to a special mtg, but doesn’t want too much of a delay.

    Girard- what if the Board says no to a 2.2 million dollar expense at MMHS. brings up the Gossler solution. Craig wants to have him stop and do this at another meeting. Girard- wants his questions answered. There are already so many projects on the CIP list that need to be addressed. Vargas- I haven’t vetted your plan. I don’t think it would be a zero cost. My plan isn’t about just moving kids around. Girard- neither is mine. Nobody was able to sit and talk with the architect thoroughly about this study.

    Girard- Vargas’ plan contains money that isn’t necessarily redistricting. Math and French teachers are not redistricting. They should be separated out. Craig- I agree. the Beech feeder pattern isn’t really part of it either.

    Vargas- thinks it would be a mistake to just do feeder pattern. I was given a goal to reduce class sizes.

    Girard- I was speaking about things that could be done without redistricting. Has said it would cost $$$ to add 5th to Parkside. What would be the costs for the other schools? Vargas- we don’t have those numbers.

    Patrice Benard

    Bergeron- PR could help address declining enrollment. We don’t engage students in the budget process.

    Georges- concern about budget. what is our responsibility? Craig- we have public comment tomorrow night about the budget. We can all come forward and come to speak. Vargas will speak after the public, with the Aldermen. Georges- we need to advocate more for more money.

    Patrice Benard

    Beaudry- not thrilled about moving preK to MMHS. Have to give him something to go to the Aldermen with. Most people are not opposed. Makes motion to move Vargas’ plan as funds become available. Freeman seconds it. Terrio asks about the idea Craig suggested, with just the feeder pattern and MST. Craig can’t support it with MMHS as prek.

    Motion passes.

    Vargas thanks them.

    Patrice Benard

    Beaudry- people have not been following rules for putting items on the Agenda. Makes a motion to reinforce the rule- all items have to be to clerk by noon on Tuesday, including backup documentation by 2 pm. Clerk has had to chase people for info. Needs to stop. If it’s not in, then it will be removed by agenda. Motion passes.

    Personnel Report- removing #2 from report. Passes.

    Moves to take Calendar off Table.

    Patrice Benard

    Girard- Attny Upton- 3 ways to address that. 1st- let the union have their way. They are correct. 2nd- adopt the Vargas calendar and await the grievance. 3rd- we could have Vargas do inservice the 31st, and have the teachers show up on Tuesday, make the teachers get their rooms ready on their own. Moves that Assign Aug 31st as Vargas Orientation Day, with Tuesday being the first day of classes. Scannell- don’t think that is a viable situation. Students could be the biggest losers. Vargas- doesn’t want to hurt the students. Is sorry that common sense hasn’t prevailed. This does harm to public education when the union side will not collaborate. This is not a good way to attract parents. Does not want to risk classrooms not being ready.

    Girard- wonders about impact to district if we do not have school on Tuesday. What about parents who planned to go back to work on Tuesday? Contract says MAY have 2 days before students come back. Not SHALL have. We can require they have their room ready and still follow the contract.

    Craig- did get email from Upton confirming Girard’s summary. Wishes we were starting on Tues. But has to support the contract.

    Bergeron asking for clarification from Hannon. Hannon we did concede to the 31st, understanding how that could be interpreted in the contract. Contract requires 6 PD days, usually 2 at beginning. If you remove one now, it will have to be made up.

    Patrice Benard

    Freeman- our community is not like others. Many are single income homes. Is very disappointed.

    Lehoux- unfortunate.

    Girard- teachers were considering this a PD day, not a room setup day. Contract says that we can have inservice day on the last business day of August. No guarantee they will have a room setup day.

    Avard- wishes now he could take back his suggestion from last mtg. Must remember Content AND Intent of contract. Wants to uphold the current contract.

    Terrio- but Attny said it is a legal option.

    Patrice Benard

    Girard’s motion fails.

    Avard moves the Teacher’s Calendar. Which means the teachers’ consider their room set-up Professional Development. (I have no words…)

    Girard wants to amend to insure teachers are in the building for the entire school day. If we are paying them, they should be there, giving us a full days’ work.

    Girard withdraws his amendment. Roll call on original motion.

    That passes. Union wins.

    Patrice Benard

    Want brings forward emergency request for approval of CHS graduation speaker.


    Want also brings forward info on Walk for Hunger.

    Terrio- asks about Driver’s Ed.
    Vargas- coming up.

    Scannell- Youth Behavior Risk Survey?
    Vargas- yes, I will get that to you.

    Georges- about IEPs…
    Let’s do it in non-public.

    They move to go into non-public at 12:10 pm.

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