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    Patrice Benard

    Join us LIVE!


    Patrice Benard

    Meeting Agenda


    I was the only one to speak in Public Comment

    Minutes of last mtg approved


    Patrice Benard

    Faculty Report- working on curriculum, Drama club

    STudent Report- Spring Fling, had town hall, morning announcements


    Patrice Benard

    Dean’s Report-
    Dean of School’s Report
    February 21, 2018
    [Updated: February 13, 2018]

    Honor Roll for the Second Quarter: The second quarter ended on January 22nd. The following percentages of students made the honor roll: 17.4% made High Honor Roll (A or greater i.e., 94% or higher); 30.1% made Honor Roll (B+ through A- i.e., 87-93%); 10% made Honorable Mention (B i.e., 84-86%).

    PSAT Scores: In the fall 2017, the 8th, 9th and 11th graders took the PSATs. Here is the breakdown of scores along with comparisons to state and national scores.

    Teacher of the Month: Ms. Nichols is the Teacher of the Month for January 2018. She was recognized for her dedication to mathematics and her guidance with multiple student initiated clubs.

    Volunteer of the Month: Jason DiPietro is the Volunteer of the Month for January 2018. The school thanks him for his time and talent spent helping to mentor our FIRST Tech Challenge team.

    Mayor’s Visit: On January 30th Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig visited Founders and received a student-led tour of the school from the Student Senators.

    Students of the Second Quarter: Leah DiPietro is the student of the quarter for High School. Her peer nominations mentioned her being “exceedingly respectful and polite.” Karolina Gil is the student of the quarter for Middle School. Her nominations mentioned her helping new students. Congratulations Leah and Karolina!

    Dr. Amy Fahey: Dr. Fahey from The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts spoke to the faculty about Classical Education for grades 6-12 at the February 9th Faculty Meeting. She gave great insight into what a classical education is and what obstacles it could encounter.

    Job Fair and Interviewing: The 3rd Annual Job Fair is set for March 7, 2018. Department Chairmen will begin interviews this year with the Dean interviewing their recommendations.

    Admissions Information Open House: The last Open House was on February 6th 2018, and there were 37 families in attendance. The deadline for admissions is March 7, 2018. The dates for Placement Exams are March 10 and 24.

    SafeSchools Videos: All faculty and staff were required to watch several training videos and answer quiz questions on such topics as Bullying, Crisis Response and Recovery, Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention, etc. as part of SafeSchools training.

    College Overview for Juniors: The Student Services Department hosted a College Overview for Juniors at the school on February 8th. All Juniors will be taking the SAT on March 21, 2018 here at Founders Academy.

    THANK YOU: A special thank you to PTSA members for discussing fundraising ideas, Krysten Apostoles for providing suggestions for transfer students, student videographers for producing a short clip for the open house, and Officer Linstad of the Manchester Police Dept. for assisting with lockdown drill.

    Here’s the link to the report, with clickable links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E2mCKY6KWdEiPjWfEqoX5RzMEGLkNdy6uokVxxebEkE/edit


    Patrice Benard

    Patrice Benard

    Dean is reading her report. I suppose that’s good as there may be people out there who cannot read. I’ll be posting a link to the video later on, so you can hear the Dean talk.


    Patrice Benard

    Attendance: Matt Mercier, Chairman; Kim Lavallee, wearer of many hats; PG Humphrey, Founder; Kristi Scarpone, a fundraiser/promoter with FIRST; Student Rep, Dean Mooney, Mike Gaumont.

    Audience: approx 20 adults, a handful of students. Included are Matt Southerton (NH Alliance for Public Charter Schools), and a few I don’t recognize.

    (methinks it’s time to pull out the charter – there are rules about who can serve… here it is, page 9. 2 external business members, 1 college/school external member, 3 founders/major contributors, 3 parents. So we have Matt as a Business member, Kim & Patti as Founders, Kristi was brought on as college/school rep. So we have room for one business member, one major contributor, and 3 parents)

    Bob Best: outside candidate for the Board- attny Sulloway & Hollis, Merrimack, frmr hosp admin, …

    Barbara Comtois: outside candidate for the Board- so glad TFA uses Classical curriculum (she’s been fed quite a story) is an accountant, hydroponic farmer, supporter of school choice,…


    Patrice Benard

    Parent candidates:

    Susan Lawton: solutions mgr in day job, parent since doors open, has had no problems getting her questions answered. helped start PTSA with her husband. People at the mtgs are happy and don’t understand what they are reading on FB. Mentions how good she is as getting answers.
    (did I mention someone in the Administration hired a cop to be here?)


    Patrice Benard

    Jon DiPietro: Father of daughters in 11th and 6th grade. School has really changed older daughter’s life.
    self-employed, engineer degree, specialty in fixing problems while things are up and running, also has own business (Liberty Digital), experience in national organization/society and served on exec comm,

    PGH asks what he thinks is the most serious problem. Jon says there are a couple of ways to approach that. Obviously some tension has developed. Have to build trust over time. Math curriculum has deficiencies to be addressed


    Patrice Benard

    Kristy Ouellette: parent of 10th grader. Came when doors opened. Likes that kids can go at their own pace.

    (forgot to mention DiPietro also was here when the doors opened)

    has degree in Education, ran childcare business, used to dealing with parents, has worked for state as childcare licensing specialist, own her own travel agency, used to own a Professional Development company that did workshops for teachers. Mentions that she also has had questions answered as well. Kim asks if she would do PD if on the board.


    Patrice Benard

    Moira Ryan- has 5 degrees, including RN, classics, etc… serves on commission on special ed. Volunteers daily. Has taught in military as well. Kim asks where she would like to focus – fundraising and curriculum.

    They are moving each candidate for discussion.


    Patrice Benard

    Oozing praise for Best, Comtois, Lawton, DiPietro, Ouellette, Ryan

    (Remember, 1 business member, 1 major contributor, 3 parents)

    Best, for a 1 yr term – motion passes
    Comtois, for 1 yr term – motion passes

    (and now they have violated the charter once again. These people never learn. I tried – I held up the charter – they ignored me)

    Lawton – motion passes (don’t know how long that term is)

    DiPietro- No from Kristi, Patti, Kim. Yes from Matt

    Ouellette- motion passes (again, don’t know the term)

    Ryan – (not sure why he even brought up her name. They said they wouldn’t take any more than two parents)


    Patrice Benard

    Lavallee suggests that parents go serve on the Council of Advisors (which has never met in public to anybody’s knowledge)

    Mercier reads Admissions report.

    Roles and Duties of Board Members has been postponed until next month.

    Treasurer’s Report: Financials now posted online and now linked to Agenda. Looks like we are running below revised budget numbers. Building may go over. Roof. Bookkeeper has closed January already. Student Clubs income is 9300, those club expenses are 9800

    Going into non-public under RSA 91:a for reason… 3-L consideration of legal advice.


    Patrice Benard

    So after the meeting I asked about the Board appointees. West was appointed as a Major Contributor and Comtois as a Business Member. All of tonight’s appointees will serve 1 year terms.

    I promised Kim Lavallee that I would post this clarification, so now I have. 🙂

    Next meeting is March 21st at 5:30 pm. Chairman Mercier said it was a concession so that more people could attend.

    Good night.

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