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    Patrice Benard

    And now the Special Board Meeting. Here’s the Agenda


    Patrice Benard

    All Board Members are in Attendance.

    Chairman Hyotte says because of the last meeting, there is a new version from PH.

    Includes new qualifications: person supports/can verbalize the mission of the school. would not damage the reputation of the school.

    Allows for the possibility that the Board would not accept one of their nominees. Board could put forward our own.

    (So they essentially take away the role of the parents anyway. Because that is SOOOO not the idea in the charter. I guess Absolute Power DOES corrupt Absolutely. BTW – this new policy was not on the agenda and not released to the Public so I wonder if this is even legal???)

    Patrice Benard

    Thomas brings up the conflict with the Board rejecting all the nominees of the Steering Comm. Thomas is looking to reword that….. (see video)

    Now they are talking about wanting to see everyone who is interested….

    Thomas takes issue with the wording about “damaging to the reputation of TFA” which Dean Mooney says comes directly from the Charter. So they will allow it, but Thomas makes the point that that is rather subjective.

    So only 2 of the 3 parent members will have to come from the steering committee. (wow, so much for ‘valuing’ parents. )

    Motion as amended passes unanimously.

    Patrice Benard

    New Business:

    Kim wants to consider using Dean Eggert for school business. She wants to hire him. Patti Humphrey has graciously offered to pay him. (no comment- so nice to see Patti and Kim working together behind the scenes to bring these things forward)

    [Note- as this is a Special Meeting, not sure this is even valid/legal to bring up]

    Mercer asks about the scope and limitations.

    Motion passes.

    Patrice Benard

    Thomas moves to add a clerk for minutes. That motion passes as well.

    Mooney wants to commend the Board tonight……


    Motion to adjourned.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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