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Tag: Andrea Alley

Memorial High Lock-Down

(Hours 1a,2a) After informing his listeners about the show calendar, Rich talked about Memorial High School’s lock-down yesterday.  He spoke about the children involved in the event and commented on how the school...

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Improper Politics on Facebook

(Hour 2a) Harriet Cady called in to start the hour.  Rich then talked about a correspondence that he had with Paul from the Union Leader regarding Andrea Alley.  He discussed the inappropriate behavior that she exhibited through...

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Election Day Candidate Overview

(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich gave us a look at some of the voting numbers and told us about the impact that Ward 1 has on the race.  He reminded us about Ron Ludwig’s violation of the Charter. (Hour 3b) Rich started off by talking...

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Parental Heroin Presentation

(Hour 1b) Rich talked to us about last night’s parental Heroin presentation at Hillside Middle School.  He shared about how he thinks that the Manchester School District is doing with the notification and detailed Andrea...

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School Death List

(Hour 2a) Rich discussed a school issue that was brought to light when a parent sent a message to him.  There was a student who threatened seventeen other students with specific forms of death.  Tune in to hear more about...

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Drug Presentation and A School Evacuation

(Hour 3a) Rich started off the segment by giving us an update on the issue of the drug presentation that occurred earlier this week.  He then moved on to discuss a school evacuation that happened on Monday.  Tune in to hear what...

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