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Indoctrination at SNHU, Addressing Antifa and Free Speech Issues

(Hours 3b,c) Rich and Steve MacDonald of GraniteGrok began the New Media Militia segment by talking about an issue surrounding Southern New Hampshire University’s handling of diversity issues.  They spoke about financial consequences that other schools have experienced after taking such a turn and shared about feedback about indoctrination from listeners.   (Hour 3c) As Rich and Steve continued they discussed Antifa.  Steve addressed a suppression of speech and wondered why certain politicians are not denouncing the group.  Tune in to hear all of the details!...

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Ashton Whitty – Berkeley Student Attacked by Antifa

(Hours 2b,c) Rich talked to Ashton Whitty, who is a Berkeley student who was attacked by Antifa.  Ashton began the segment by sharing about her “coming out” as a Republican in a Democratic family.  She then spoke about when and why she wanted to join the Berkeley College Republicans.   Click here for the mentioned archive post.   (Hour 2c) Ashton detailed her experience at the rally in Berkeley.  She talked to Rich about being targeted by Antifa, both before and after the rally, before sharing her opinion about Antifa.  Tune in to get all of the...

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Free Speech: Protests in Berkley and Antifa’s Attacks

(Hour 1b) Rich talked about the ongoing assault on free speech.  He played a clip in which protesters in Berkley, California were disrupted by violent Antifa members over the weekend.  He then shared about the authorities’ handling of the situation, a controversy coming from Dartmouth College and more.  Tune in to get the details! Click here for the clip that was played on-air.   Below is the mentioned video.  Note: The language is not suitable for children. Posted by American Freedom Keepers on Sunday, August 27,...

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Antifa and the Disruption of Peaceful Protests

(Hour 3c) Rich talked to Steve MacDonald of GraniteGrok for the New Media Militia segment.  Rich and Steve addressed the recent activity of Antifa, speaking about attacks against peaceful protesters and the differences between the group and Black Lives Matter.  They then shared about free speech and more.  Tune in to get all the details. Click here for the mentioned archive and Click here for the bias free ....

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Free Speech, Racism, Sanctuary Cities, Education and the Passing of a Loved One

(Hours 3b,c) Guest hosts State Representative Victoria Sullivan, her son Buddy and DJ Dave talked to Tammy Simmons, Mike Ricker and Tim Baines.  They started the segment by addressing Boston’s free speech rally.  They then spoke about the Queen City’s ‘We Are One’ festival.  Finally, they tackled Sanctuary Cities, the funding of education and technology in the classroom.  Tune in to hear all about it! (Hour 3c) The group continued in their discussion about technology in the classroom and higher education.   They then shared about the passing of a loved one.  Click here for more information about Tim Baines. Click...

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Kimberly Morin Discusses Firearm Sales and Boston’s Free Speech Rally

(Hour 3b) Guest host Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard talked to Kimberly Morin of NH Political Buzz for Politically Buzzed.  Kimberly began the segment by inquiring about a statement that the Chief said in a prior segment regarding the purchasing of firearms.  They then discussed the free speech rally that took place in Boston yesterday.  Finally, they took a call from Sarah in Manchester, who inquired about the rape that took place at West High School, and tackled the topic of transgenders in the military.  Tune in to get all of the...

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