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Tag: Barry Brensinger

Manchester Proud: An objective effort or a stacked deck?

Now that serious, undisclosed conflicts between Manchester Proud and Reaching Higher NH have been exposed, very serious questions about the integrity and direction of this effort to develop a strategic plan for the Manchester School District have to be asked.  Over and over again, leaders of Manchester Proud have emphatically stated they have no agenda, no political affiliations, no bias and no predetermined outcomes.  They have asserted their efforts will be guided by the input they receive from stakeholders across the city.  Those assurances have come  in response to questions and concerns I have consistently raised both privately and...

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Cornerstone’s Banfield raises red flags over Manchester Proud

Publisher’s note:  This email was sent late on the evening of Friday, October 19, 2018 to every member of the Manchester Board of School Committee.  It is published here in its entirety with photos I have added photos to improve its readability.  As a member of the Board of School Committee, I find this information troubling and will be releasing a statement about its content in due time.  ~Publius Dear Board of School Committee Members:  I was made aware of Manchester Proud a short time ago by parents who told me about this new organization.  As a former Bedford resident, I...

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