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On Air News Read for November 13, 2017

From time to time, Girard at Large host Rich Girard, that’s me, not only reports the news, he makes it.  Such is the case this morning as I take the first person in this newscast to announce that I will retire this show effective with our sign off this Friday, November seventeenth.  (Click here for the more thorough explanations given on this morning’s show.  Click here for the Union Leader’s story on the announcement.) The planning for this show, which launched on September twenty sixth, two thousand eleven, began more than six and a half years ago with the...

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On Air News Read for October 27, 2017

With Manchester Fire Chief Dan Goonan by his side, President Donald Trump declared the opioid epidemic a National Public Health Emergency yesterday.  That is something Mayor Ted Gatsas asked him to do in August and something he pressed then Governor Margaret Wood Hassan to do all through 2 0 1 6.  Hassan, who has criticized Trump on the epidemic, refused Gatsas’ request. Also by the President’s side was Governor Chris Sununu.  He was one of five governors invited to the Oval Office because of the severity of the crisis in their states.  Following the declaration Sununu issued a statement...

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On Air News Read for October 18, 2012

In a statement issued yesterday, Governor Christopher Sununu disclosed he and Drug Czar David Mara, who was a guest on our show yesterday, met with Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas earlier this week to discuss Manchester’s efforts to combat the opioid epidemic.  He said the meeting with the mayor and other city officials was productive, acknowledging that the city had become a “regional access point” for thousands of people suffering from substance abuse.  Referencing the city’s Safe Station program, Sununu said it was quote “imperative that the state support these services” and announced, quote: “We worked to secure adequate funding...

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New Hampshire Drug Czar Discusses the Opioid Crisis

(Hours 1b,c,2a) Rich talked to David Mara, who is Governor Sununu’s Advisor on Addiction and Behavioral Health.  They began by speaking about David’s role, before discussing the opioid epidemic and the State’s response to it.  They then took a call from Patrick Long, who wanted to get involved in the conversation.  Tune in to get all of the details!   (Hour 1c) Rich continued with Mara for Public Safety This Week.  They resumed their coverage concerning what New Hampshire is doing and what Mara’s role is.  They addressed narcan-dependent users, safety concerns for public officials, the letter of the law...

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On Air News Read for May 26, 2017

Quote: Help Us Block Repeal of Candia’s Transgender Non-discrimination Protections.  Three of the Candia School Board’s five members are pushing to repeal the school district’s non-discrimination policies ensuring transgender students are treated fairly and equally at school.  The Candia School Board was slated to vote on this repeal at their last meeting, but they didn’t because supporters of transgender non-discrimination showed up in full force to demand they reconsider.  We need you to show up again. RSVP below to let us know you’ll be there. That’s what a group named Freedom N H has posted to its Web site...

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On Air News Read March 20, 2017

The Hooksett Town Council will meet on Thursday night starting at six o’clock in the Council Chambers at Town Hall.  On the agenda are new contracts for the town’s firefighters and police officers.  The council will also be asked to approve the establishment of a special taxing district up by Exit Ten on Interstate 9 3.  If imposed, businesses between exits Ten and Eleven would pay an additional property tax for cost of the town extending sewer service.  A similar tax was levied for infrastructure work to facilitate business development several years ago.  We’ve linked to the agenda. The...

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On Air News Read for February 17, 2017

Thirty two renegade Republicans joined the entire Democratic Caucus in the New Hampshire House of Representatives to defeat Right to Work legislation yesterday, despite an appeal made by Governor Chris Sununu to the Republican Caucus before the session.  The two hundred to one hundred seventy seven Roll Call vote to accept the Labor Committee’s “Inexpedient to Legislate” recommendation surprised many who expected it to be much closer.  Opponents of the bill, Senate Bill Eleven, went a step further by laying it on the table indefinitely on a Roll Call vote of one ninety four to one eighty three, which...

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BeBOLD Bedford: Recognizing the Signs of Stress

(Hour 3c) Rich spoke to Diane Vaccarello, Owner of Bedford Family Therapy, about BeBOLD Bedford.  They talked about the changing levels of stress within children.  They discussed peer pressure, coping strategies, parental-caused stress and more.  Finally, Diane informed the listeners about an upcoming event and they shared about different forms of mental illness.  Tune in for the details....

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On Air News Read for January 20, 2016

The Bedford Police Department is seeking the public’s help to locate a suspect who allegedly approached a juvenile at a bus stop and attempted to lure them into his car Wednesday morning.  Police say that at just before 10 a. m., a juvenile was allegedly approached by a man in a dark colored S U V while waiting for the school bus in the area of Hawthorne Drive.  The man ordered the juvenile to get into the car and left the area when the order was refused.  The juvenile and their parents brought this information to the department late...

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On Air News Read for November 10, 2016

New Hampshire has elected a new United States Senator for the coming term.  By one thousand nineteen votes, or one tenth of one percent, Democratic Governor Margaret Wood Hassan beat incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte in Tuesday’s election.  Ayotte, who had been urged to request a recount of the razor thin margin, conceded the race just before five yesterday afternoon.  In what some considered a brash move, Hassan, who on election night said she’d won the race by five thousand votes, but didn’t declare victory, took to the microphone at a hastily arranged event to declare herself the winner yesterday morning, based on unofficial results.  Ayotte, reportedly stunned by the move, nonetheless wished Hassan well following a bitter campaign. Ayotte was just one of two G O P senators turned out of office on Tuesday. The other, Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, also abandoned presidential nominee Donald J. Trump during the campaign. Also conceding late yesterday afternoon was First District Congressman Frank Guinta who, according to official results, lost to former Congressman Carol Shea Porter by just four thousand nine hundred five votes. On the state level, the Executive Council will stay in Republican hands with a three to two majority.  Democrat Attorney Andru Volunsky, who gave us the so called Claremont decision that’s had education funding in turmoil for two decades beat Republican State Senator Sam Cataldo to replace Democratic Councilor...

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