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Lobbying the NH Legislators: Toddlers for the Workforce!

Even though we are seeing more studies about the dangers of early education on young children, there is a political agenda that seeks to push more children into schools earlier and earlier. Recently Harvard published a study on the dangers of early school enrollment. As one blogger reported, they (toddlers) are seen as in investment. Emily Talmage reported: The event – titled, ever so quaintly, “Oh the Places We’ll Go! The Benefits of Investing in Early Childhood Education” – was hosted by the Center for American Progress and America’s Promise Alliance spin-off, ReadyNation, each of whom are among the...

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Now NH Businesses Want to Tell Teachers How to Teach?

I’ve seen enough education reformers try to influence how teachers teach in a classroom.  Nellie Mae is known for providing grants to the NH Department of Education and local schools in order to buy local control. Nellie Mae requires schools to use “student centered” learning even if parents object.  If children are angry because their teacher won’t teach them the material, many times that teacher has been forced to use teaching methods that require him/her to become a “guide on the side.”  Students are required to work in groups to figure out math instead of listen to a teacher...

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Tell Val Zanchuk, President of Graphicast to SUPPORT Literacy & STEM Ed.

Go to : and tell Val Zanchuk (Chair of the BIA in NH) that our public schools deserve better quality academic standards. Val Zanchuk is the PRESIDENT of Graphicast in NH. He is touting support for legislation in NH to increase pre-engineering for students k-12. YET the organization he chairs (BIA)  opposes New Hampshire’s Commissioner of Education in an effort to improve the quality of our academic standards. Common Core does NOT prepare students for the  STEM fields. (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Lowering the Bar: How Common Core Math Fails to Prepare Students for STEM Jason Zimba, lead writer for the Common...

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Google & the BIA: Promoting ILLITERACY in the Classroom? For Corporate Profits?

I keep hearing people talk about the Information Age and all we have to do is look something up on the Internet to get answers to our questions.  While this may be true in one sense, how would you feel if your doctor had to look everything up on their I-pad during a visit?  Don’t you expect the teacher in the classroom to have knowledge of what they are teaching?  Shouldn’t the builder know how to measure and add fractions together?  Basic knowledge allows an individual to be literate in certain subjects.  It’s expected of professionals working in an industry...

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