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Tag: Bill Duncan

Don Winterton for State Senate

(Hours 1a,b) Don Winterton, GOP candidate for District 16 State Senate, shared his credentials with Rich.  He spoke about his work on the Planning Board in Hooksett and talked about chicken ordinances. (Hour 1b)...

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HB 1414 and the State Board of Education

(Hour 3b) We were joined this morning by State Representative JR Hoell.  JR came on the show to discuss House Bill 1414, of which the voting was delayed until tomorrow.  He shared about issues with the New Hampshire Board of...

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Citizens of Manchester v The City

(Hour 1b) Rich started the segment by taking a call from our loyal listener Eric, who wondered about the status of the pending lawsuit against the Alderman who broke the Charter in voting for the Teacher Contract.  Rich told us...

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Second Annual Turkey Awards!

(Hours 3a,b) We were joined this morning by’s Kimberly Morin for Political Buzz.  She shared with us those who won Turkey Awards (Turkey: Something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful.  A loser; an...

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