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Tag: Brian “Bulldog” Tilton

Humble Host Tackles Special Education in the Queen City

(Hour 2a) Rich opened the hour by talking about his decision to shut down the Girard at Large radio show.  He then addressed those who assumed a connection between the show closing and Nancy Tessier’s election, setting the record straight.  He shared about his relationships with the Tessier family, before speaking about changes that are taking place in Manchester’s special education operation.  Finally, he wondered about the finances, Individual Education Plans (IEP) and more.  Tune in to get all of the details!...

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Brian “Bulldog” Tilton Tackles the Northern Pass Proposition

(Hour 1b) Rich talked to Brian “Bulldog” Tilton, who asked to come on the show after hearing an interview with State Representative John Burt concerning Northern Pass.  They discussed burying the lines, made financial comparisons and addressed criticisms towards the lines.  Finally, “Bulldog” Tilton closed out the segment by sharing his thoughts about Hooksett Police Chief Peter Bartlett, who recently announced his plans to transfer to Dracut, Massachusetts.  Tune in to hear more. Click here for the mentioned Under the Golden Dome archive and here for Chief Bartlett’s farewell...

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Northern Pass Plans, Survey Bill, State Mandates and Fluoride Fun

(Hours 2a,b,c) Rich and Jacob (Fred the Intern) started the hour by talking about Joe Duarte’s stance concerning government aid for illegal immigrants.  Rich then asked Jacob about his role on the editorial team of his school’s newspaper and what his plans for college were.  Finally, they discussed the recent Northern Pass rally, wondering whether or not the proposal would be a step in the right direction for the Granite State, and heard from State Representative John Burt, who explained the stance that he arrived at upon researching a similar issue in a different state.  Tune in to hear...

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Privacy Concerns With the Bathroom Bill

(Hour 2a) Rich and Ed Naile spoke about the bathroom bill.  He played a video that Cornerstone Action released and shared about who is supporting it.  Finally, Brian “Bulldog” Tilton came to the microphone to share his concern about the issue. Click here for the video. ...

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Brian “Bulldog” Tilton on National Media Backlash and Local Politics

(Hours 2b,c) Brian “Bulldog” Tilton spoke to Rich about the recent backlash based on President Donald Trump’s handling of the media.  He shared from his experience as a Producer of the Les Kinsolving Show and they discussed Freedom of the Press.   (Hour 2c) Bulldog continued into the second segment with a story about Les.  He and Rich addressed the claim that there is no voter fraud and he shared his opinion on how newly elected Governor Chris Sununu is handling the job.  They then tackled Frank Edelblut’s Commissioner of Education inquisition, Governor Sununu’s budget, Department of Children and Family...

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President Trump: Fighting Fake News

(Hour 1b) Rich spoke about the controversy surrounding the White House’s alleged media ban.  He shared about a Union Leader article that was published at his expense when he ran for Mayor of Manchester.  He then informed the listeners about a recent press conference with President Donald Trump and shared about fake news.  Finally, he took a call from Susan in Milford, who reminded Rich about a similar issue that happened within the Democratic Party.  ...

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Robin Hood of Keene and Northern Pass

(Hour 1b) Guest host Brian “Bulldog” Tilton started the segment by informing the listeners about a suit that the city of Keene filed against the group “Robin Hood of Keene.”  He then spoke about Northern Pass and the battle that is brewing.  Finally, he took a call from Eddy concerning electric rates. Click here for the mentioned...

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Involuntary Commitment Bill and a Fee for Getting Arrested

(Hour 2a) Guest host Brian “Bulldog” Tilton started the segment by attempting to speak to Senator Jeb Bradley about the opioid crisis, but was interrupted by a unsteady phone connection.  He then talked about a New York Times article regarding individuals being charged a fee after getting arrested, whether they are innocent or guilty. Click here for the mentioned article....

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