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Tag: Charter Amendment

Citizens of Manchester v The City

(Hour 1b) Rich started the segment by taking a call from our loyal listener Eric, who wondered about the status of the pending lawsuit against the Alderman who broke the Charter in voting for the Teacher Contract.  Rich told us...

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Trump Derangement Syndrome

(Hour 2a) We kicked off this segment by taking a call from Harriet Cady, who wanted to chime in on topics from earlier in the morning.  She talked to us about the Charter lawsuit (Click here for the segment that dealt...

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Lack of Fair Play in Craig’s Campaign

(Hour 2a) Rich talked about tuition agreements and the negotiations that are going on between the Manchester School Board and the Hooksett School Board.  He talked about an interview that Joyce Craig participated in (Click here...

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Analysis of Election Results

(Hour 2a) Rich told us about what happened last night.  He shared about the high turnout with the elderly and discussed individual races.  Dave called to chime in on the importance of tax cap in the election and he and Ed Naile...

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