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The Danger That Can Come To Your Children Attending a Public School in NH

Many people have never heard the name Glenn Cordelli, but if you are a parent, you should get to know him.  Glenn Cordelli is a state representative in New Hampshire serving in Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro.  He finished up his third term, and will hopefully be elected for a fourth term in November. Representative Glenn Cordelli recently put forth a Bill that would require each local education agency to develop a local data security plan. HB1612 was signed into law by Governor Sununu in August, and now school boards across New Hampshire will have to develop a Data Inventory Security Plan....

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Another BIG Mistake in Bedford: Chromebook

I remember when parents were told that kids needed to use calculators in the classroom because it was the newest technology.  Calculators were one of the worst ideas , and has contributed to the lack of math literacy  in America.  Students became dependent on calculators for basic math computation. Ever since then, there has been a push for more technology in the classroom.  They couldn’t be more wrong. The ones pushing more technology in the classroom, look to profit off of sales from technology.  Don’t get me wrong new computer technology has done a great deal of good for America, but...

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