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Manchester Proud: An objective effort or a stacked deck?

Now that serious, undisclosed conflicts between Manchester Proud and Reaching Higher NH have been exposed, very serious questions about the integrity and direction of this effort to develop a strategic plan for the Manchester School District have to be asked.  Over and over again, leaders of Manchester Proud have emphatically stated they have no agenda, no political affiliations, no bias and no predetermined outcomes.  They have asserted their efforts will be guided by the input they receive from stakeholders across the city.  Those assurances have come  in response to questions and concerns I have consistently raised both privately and...

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City Year challenged over MLK Day workshops on “Unpacking Whiteness”

On January 4, 2018, I received an email invitation to City Year’s Martin Luther King Day event (right).   The subject line of the email was “Free Family Event: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!”  Candidly, I thought nothing of it and didn’t open the invitation until after I saw that I’d received multiple inquiries, complaints and statements of indignation about it.    After clicking on the invitation, it became clear why people were outraged.  Dumbstruck by the offerings (published below this article), I sent the following email to Pawn Nitichan, Executive Director of City Year NH, yesterday, at about...

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Mayor Gatsas on the Future, Changes to Manchester and His Legacy

(Hours 3b,c) Rich talked to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  They addressed the following topics:  Post election-result plans Trouble at last night’s meeting Plans for the future How Manchester has changed since the Mayor’s election What the city needs to do to facilitate more growth Transition to Mayor-elect Joyce Craig (Hour 3c) Rich and the Mayor continued with: Streetlights in Manchester Notable moments during his tenure His legacy as Mayor Future for the STEAM...

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On Air News Read for September 12, 2017

Recent personal and political attacks against Secretary of State Bill Gardner by senators Jeanne Shaheen, Health Care Queen and Margaret Wood Hassan aren’t going without notice or without response.  The senators issued a joint statement on Facebook again criticizing Gardner for his involvement with the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity after Vice-Chair Kris Kobach, Kansas’ Secretary of State, penned an op. ed. declaring that, were it not for voter fraud, Senator Kelly Ayotte would likely have been reelected. Kobach’s piece ran after New Hampshire House Speaker Shawn Jasper released voter statistics he received from the Office of the...

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On Air News Read for September 11, 2017

The credit bureau Equifax has announced it’s been hacked, resulting in what is believed to be the largest theft of personal data in history.  Information on one hundred forty three million Americans may have been lost to hackers, including six hundred twenty two thousand five hundred fifty eight people here in the Granite State.  New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald announced that his office was notified by Equifax of what’s being termed a quote unquote “cybersecurity incident.”  Equifax’s computerized data files were compromised between May and July, 2017.  The information accessed through this breach included:  Names, Social Security numbers,...

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Mayor Ted Gatsas on Union Contracts, Smoking Ban, New School Year, Etc.

(Hours 3b,c) Rich talked to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  Their discussion tackled the following topics:  Vote over retroactive contracts Yager Decker pay scale  Conflict between the Mayor and Fire Chief Goonan (Hour 3c) Rich and Mayor Gatsas continued with:  Smoking ban in parks Road construction schedules  Counselling for those affected by the opioid crisis New school year Reduction for cleaning funds in the school district City year...

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Mayor Gatsas on the Mayoral Race, Drug Crisis, Contracts, Special Ed, Etc.

(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich talked to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  Their discussion tackled the following topics:  Running for Reelection: Door to door efforts Concerns regarding primary showing Concerns from constituents  NH’s lawsuit towards the maker of Oxycodone President Trump’s statement about the opioid crisis in NH (Hour 3b) Rich and Mayor Gatsas continued with:  Construction on Elm Street City coordination with utility companies Process of Lisa Gravel and Jim Gaudet’s Charter breach complaints Closing of Sam’s Club Contracts on the Agenda Manchester Airport’s struggles Suspicious Union contract vote timeline Real Estate in the Queen City (Hour 3c) Rich and the...

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President Trump Violates Campaign Promise, Kenogarten, City Year and Senate Bill 129

(Hour 1b) Rich talked about President Donald Trump’s violation of a campaign promise in allowing children who are brought in by parents who came to the country illegally to remain within the country.  He then announced an interview tomorrow with Senator Gary Daniels and discussed the state budget, displaying his interest in the future of the Kenogarten bill.  Finally, he talked about a controversy with the non-profit City Year and he brought Senate Bill 129 to the listeners’ attention, telling them why they should call Governor Chris Sununu at 271.2121 and ask him to veto the bill.  Tune in to get...

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On Air News Read for November 15, 2016

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration New England Field Division announced Manchester will be the first city in the Northeast where it will implement its comprehensive 360 Degree Strategy to address the opioid epidemic.  Details of the new approach will be revealed at a ten o’clock press conference this morning at the Boys and Girls Club, which will feature various state, local and federal officials, including Mayor Ted Gatsas, Police Chief Nick Willard, Attorney General Joseph Foster, Drug Czar James Vara, U S Attorney Emily Gray Rice and others.  The program’s goals include dismantling the drug trafficking organizations and gangs and partnering with health care professionals, social service organizations and government service agencies to provide long-term help and support to effectuate drug-free communities. The Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund is accepting grant applications for its winter review cycle.  Applicants should submit a completed application and all required information no later than end of business on December 14th.  Information and the application are available at catholic n h dot org slash B C A F.  The fund accepts applications from qualified 5 0 1 (c) 3 organizations in New Hampshire, without regard to religious affiliation, for projects that help people in the state meet their basic needs. Taxpayers in the town of Derry will see their tax rate dip by more than seven percent, but that doesn’t mean they’ll see the amount they...

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Mayor Gatsas on Well Contamination, Budgets and Union Contracts

(Hours 3a,b,c) Rich spoke with Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas this morning.  Their discussion pertained to the following topics: Negotiations Related to Well Contamination Completion Date of Water Connections Potential Solution for Manchester’s Traffic Issue Business Opposition to Traffic Option (Hour 3b) As Rich and the Mayor continued their discussion, they talked about: Manchester’s Budget: Good, Bad and Ugly Are There Better Ways to Provide Services with Taxpayer Impacts? Layoffs in the City   (Hour 3c) In Rich’s final segment with the Mayor they spoke about: Union Contracts and Bargaining Units Value in Outside Perspectives of the Manchester School District Naming of the School of Technology Upcoming Events...

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