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School’s Starting: Time To Refuse The Standardized Tests (Don’t Be Misled By Superintendents)

You would think that after many parents in New Hampshire have refused to let their children take the standardize test, school administrators would lighten up a bit and stop bullying and misleading parents. I do have to mention that some parents are reporting that when they refuse to let their children take the standardized tests, some administrators have been receptive and honor their requests without hesitation. 

Unfortunately, this is not true for other parents in New Hampshire. Here is a letter sent to parents by Dr. Laura H. Nelson, Superintendent of Derry Schools in New Hampshire. There seems to...

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Goffstown Board of Selectmen and Planned Pinardhood

(Hour 2a) As this segment started Rich started off talking about gender-neutral statements.  He then moved on to the topic of the Goffstown Board of Selectmen.  He discussed a recent move by Scott Gross and some moves that have been speculated to corrupt the character of Pinardville....

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