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Tag: Doris Hohensee

Jim Rubens – Candidate for US Senate

(Hours 3b,c) Rich spoke this morning to Jim Rubens, GOP candidate for US Senate.  They spoke about Rubens’ claims regarding Kelly Ayotte and the birth of ISIS.  Tune in to hear more about the Middle East. (Hour 3c) Rich...

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HB 323 and local control

(Hour 2a) Does the current wording of House Bill 323 strip parents of the right to opt out of the Smarter Balanced Testing program?  This archive explores the mechanics of this piece of legislation, and what it means, to parents...

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On Air News Read for May 4, 2015

There are some votes of note coming in the New Hampshire State Senate this week and conservative groups are urging folks to contact their senators in advance.  Cornerstone Action is urging, as we do here at Girard at Large, an...

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