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Tag: Early Childhood Education

Lobbying the NH Legislators: Toddlers for the Workforce!

Even though we are seeing more studies about the dangers of early education on young children, there is a political agenda that seeks to push more children into schools earlier and earlier. Recently Harvard published a study on the dangers of early school enrollment. As one blogger reported, they (toddlers) are seen as in investment. Emily Talmage reported: The event – titled, ever so quaintly, “Oh the Places We’ll Go! The Benefits of Investing in Early Childhood Education” – was hosted by the Center for American Progress and America’s Promise Alliance spin-off, ReadyNation, each of whom are among the...

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Colin VanOstern’s Education Plan: Harmful to Young Children

Colin VanOstern has been campaigning for implementing full-day kindergarten throughout New Hampshire, but is that good for young children?  Several studies would say : NO. Not only would this impose an additional burden on taxpayers, it could potentially harm young children. States have to submit their “education plans” to the U. S. Secretary of Education now. That is part of the new federal law, Every Student Succeeds Act. (ESSA) States and schools now have to work to please a political bureaucracy versus listen to what parents and local community members want. ESSA language is heavy on pushing early childhood education.  This has become a political agenda that utilizes a top-down approach to running our schools.  It looks like VanOstern has become a tool for the feds in the same way Governor Hassan was when she facilitated all of the federal education reforms in Common Core. Many education reformers are saying we need to rely upon data and statistics when choosing curriculum and teaching methods.  At the same time, these people ignore damning evidence early education does nothing to help the students academically long-term and  it can harm children too. As more toddlers today attend pre-school and as more schools rush to add full day kindergarten, the number of cases of students with ADHD has been increasing too. Stanford researchers found that children who were held back from kindergarten by just one year,...

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Are We Suckers For: Early Education?

There is a push to provide early education in our state and local communities.  You can also see that this is a priority for the U.S. Department of Education too. “By the end of this decade, let’s enroll 6 million children in high-quality preschool. That is an achievable goal that we know will make our workforce stronger.”  …..President Barack Obama Workforce?  We are talking about toddlers who may not even be potty trained.  Unfortunately, government bureaucrats now view your children as, Human Capital. Like most failures with big government programs, they are not yielding positive results.  And like most big government supporters, they don’t admit the failure or eliminate it. Where are all of the INDEPENDENT studies on early education that yield long term academic gains? In this video produced by John Stossel, he asks questions on one of the biggest early childhood education programs; Head Start. Here are some of the damning statistics : 1) $180 BILLION was spent on Head Start (2010) but there was no advantage for the disadvantaged kids. 2) 114 indicators and not one positive outcome. 3) They couldn’t tell the difference between the child who went through Head Start and the one who didn’t. 4) There were positive impacts while the child was in Head Start but by kindergarten and 1st grade, those advantages were gone. 5) After the study was released, instead of eliminating Head Start, it gets a billion dollar increase. In 2012 it gets...

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