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Tag: Emily Gray Rice

On Air News Read for November 15, 2017

Senate Bill 1 9 3, the bill that allows parents to establish Education Savings Accounts for their kids, is one step closer to becoming law after receiving an “Ought to Pass” recommendation from the House Education Committee yesterday.  That was a bi-partisan vote with two Republicans voting against the bill and two Democrats, including Manchester Ward Nine State Rep. Barbara Shaw, voting in favor.  Under the bill, parents who want to send their children to any school other than the government run one mandated by their school district, would enter into a contract with an eligible scholarship organization which...

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Mayor Gatsas on Rape at West, City Solicitor Controversy, Run for Re-Election and More

(Hours 3a2,b,c) Rich talked to Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  The discussion took on the following shape: Manchester’s ranking as one of the best managed cities in the country Addressing claims surrounding the handling of the rape at West Appointment of Emily Rice to City Solicitor’s Office Click here for the mentioned article regarding the best managed cities. (Hour 3b) Rich and the Mayor continued with: Who knew what about the infamous hallway at West What should be communicated to government officials Criticisms aimed at County Attorney Dennis Hogan Efforts taken by current administration to conduct an investigation Campaign for...

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On Air News Read for July 11, 2017

Manchester has a new city solicitor and for the first time in decades, an outsider has been appointed to the post, as Mayor Ted Gatsas’ nomination of Emily Gray Rice to fill the position was ratified by a phone poll of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  Yesterday morning, shortly before nine, Gatsas announced he’d named Rice as Interim City Solicitor pending confirmation by the board.  He said he’d named her as the interim and ordered the phone poll to avoid having to wait for her nomination and confirmation at the board’s meeting on July 18th, citing the immediate...

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Blame and Modification at the City Solicitor’s Office

(Hours 1b,c,2a) Rich was joined by retired officer Jim Gaudet for an extended segment of Public Safety This Week.  They started by tackling the replacement of City Solicitor Tom Clark wiith Emily Gray Rice.  They then talked about claims of cultural incompetence, blame handed to the County Attorneys and more.  Tune in to get the details!   (Hour 1c) Rich and Jim continued in their discussion about what the real oversight role of the County Attorney is.  Jim then explained how the process works and speculated about an increased level of supervision in the City Solicitor’s office. (Hour 2a) Rich commented on Jim’s take on the appointment...

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On Air News Read for June 26, 2014

06-26-2014 News City Year New Hampshire, the outfit that places red clad young folks into several Manchester elementary schools to assist teachers and interest kids in learning, announced the appointment of  five new members to its Board of Directors.  Kerri St. Jean, Emily Gray Rice, Chris Dolloff, David H. Cassidy, and Justine Vogel have joined the eleven members of the board.  City Year recently completed another successful year serving twenty seven hundred at-risk students in six of the state’s highest-poverty public schools, achieving perfect retention of its fifty AmeriCorps members in full-time service.  With the addition of five distinguished leaders to its board, City Year anticipates continued success both with the launching of a new class in September – the Fifteenth Anniversary corps – and with a plan to expand needed service capacity in the future.  We posted their release, which includes brief biographies of the new appointees with this newcast at Girard at Large dot com.   The Manchester Health Department announced yesterday that the public beach at Crystal Lake will remain closed to swimming due to elevated levels of E. coli bacteria.  The elevated bacteria levels were identified in water samples taken on Monday and Tuesday.  Water samples taken at other locations on Crystal Lake did not find elevated levels of the bacteria.  The Health Department re-sampled the area yesterday morning.  The results are expected today.  The public beach will remain closed until E. coli levels are found...

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