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Tag: Eversource Energy

Sen Bradley on energy issues

(Hour 3b)   Senator Jeb Bradley joined us this morning for an interview to discuss the electric bill that’s raging right now, but first Rich asked him about the budget battle.   The bill, which specifically targets PSNH,...

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Rebirth of the BLT

(Hour 1a) This morning we were LATE to our own show!  No, we didn’t sleep in, but we were shut out of the radio feed.  This segment was utilized by Rich to explain what happened, why it happened, and his adventure leading...

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Eversource: You know it’s cold when…

Eversource Energy, formerly PSNH, announced that ALL of its power generation facilities have been put into operation to meet the demand for power caused by extreme Winter cold. Energy diversity, they say, is the key to meeting demand.

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