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The Danger That Can Come To Your Children Attending a Public School in NH

Many people have never heard the name Glenn Cordelli, but if you are a parent, you should get to know him.  Glenn Cordelli is a state representative in New Hampshire serving in Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro.  He finished up his third term, and will hopefully be elected for a fourth term in November. Representative Glenn Cordelli recently put forth a Bill that would require each local education agency to develop a local data security plan. HB1612 was signed into law by Governor Sununu in August, and now school boards across New Hampshire will have to develop a Data Inventory Security Plan....

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Senate Bill 193: Revisions, Union Opposition, Etc.

(Hour 1b) Rich talked about revisions to Senate Bill 193, which is the Education Savings Account bill.  He spoke about Union opposition, before telling the listeners about Manchester School Board member Barbara Shaw’s stance on the bill.  He and frequent show listener John Sartorelli then discussed the educational benefits of homeschooling, changes to the bill in order to pass it, and more.  Tune in to get all of the...

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EdChoice Discusses School Choice

(Hour 3a) Rich talked to Jason Bedrick of EdChoice.  After discussing his roots in the Granite State, Jason spoke about why school choice is in the best interest for parents.  They tackled Senate Bill 193, talking about an education savings account and addressing criticisms, and wondered about what the effects will be on the public school system. Click here for EdChoice’s site and here for more information on SB193....

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Potential Press List Prohibition and a Local News Outlet

(Hour 1a) Rich started the show by sharing the show calendar with the listeners.  He then wondered if he was taken off of the press list from the Speaker’s office due to yesterday’s Under the Golden Dome segment.  Finally, he talked about how the Girard at Large radio show has become an outlet for people who are unable to get the news otherwise....

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Conflict in Concord: Speaker Jasper Disparages the House Republican Alliance

(Hour 1b) Rich read a letter that House Chief of Staff Terry Pfaff sent to the co-chairs of the House Republican Alliance.  He commented on on Speaker Shawn Jasper’s conflict with conservative republicans and informed the listeners about what a caucus is.  He then cautioned against tyrannical-like methods and compared what’s happening in Concord to Washington DC politics....

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Eddie Edwards: Congressional Campaign Launch Assessment

(Hour 1a) Rich opened this morning’s show by talking about the candidacy of Eddie Edwards.  He shared his personal feelings for the candidate, who he has previous experience with, and disparaged about how he has been handling his campaign.  He then told the listeners about his hopes for Edwards.  Tune in to hear more....

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Under the Golden Dome: Bathroom Bill, Abortion, Fed Funding, Etc.

(Hour 2b) Rich spoke to State Representatives Victoria Sullivan and John Burt for the Under the Golden Dome segment.  They started by talking about the Transgendered Bill (House Bill 478), before sharing about Representative Keith Murphy’s abortion bill (House Bill 578), and House Bills 620, 205, 279 and 209.  Tune in for the details. Click here for House Bill 578. Click here for House Bill 620. Click here for House Bill 279. Click here for House Bill 205....

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State House Insider: Frank Edelblut, Right to Work, Constitutional Carry, Etc.

(Hours 2b,c) State Representatives John Burt and Victoria Sullivan began the new State House Insider segment by discussing Governor Chris Sununu’s nomination of Frank Edelblut as Commissioner of Education.  They discussed opposition to Right to Work and took a call from Eddy in Manchester.   (Hour 2c) State Reps Victoria Sullivan and John Burt started their second segment by talking about Constitutional Carry.  They continued with the topic of Right to Work and spoke about the House of Representatives Labor Committee, the decriminalization of Marijuana and the budget. Click here and here for more information.  ...

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Inside Education: School Choice in Public Education

Glenn Cordelli, a legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representative and a member of the House Education Committee joined Sid today in a discussion focused on the many aspects of school choice an education idea that has been a part of education discussions dating back to the 1950’s.  Presently there are eleven different forms of school choice which were mentioned on the show.  Cordelli is introducing a new piece of legislation regarding school choice that includes the establishment of a special commission that is dedicated to authorizing charter schools as well as evaluating their...

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Education Freedom with State Rep Glenn Cordelli

(Hours 1a,b,2c) Guest host Ann Marie Banfield of Cornerstone Action started the show by telling the listeners about herself and updating them on the issue of Common Core in the Granite State.  She then took a call from State Representative Glenn Cordelli, who talked about upcoming legislation.  (Hour 1b) Glenn informed Ann Marie about Education Savings Accounts.  They talked about funding, accountability, and more.  Tune in for the details. (Hour 2c) After Glenn’s departure, Ann Marie continued in her discussion about upcoming legislation.  She talked about the implementation of Common Core, it’s funding and more.  ...

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