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Tag: Holiday Burke

The Final Show: Listener Feedback

(Hours 1b,c) Rich took a phone call from Susan in Milford, who wanted to reminisce about a call that she made concerning the First in the Nation Presidential event.  The Humble Host then displayed his feelings about ending the show, before taking a call from Manchester School Board member Lisa Freeman and reading a Union Leader editorial that was written about the Girard at Large radio show.  Finally, he took a call from former Hooksett School Board member John Lyscars.  Tune in to get all of the details! Click here to view the Union Leader editorial that Rich read...

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Unavailable Voter Checklists and the Election Integrity Commission

(Hours 1b,c) Rich talked to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of the New Hampshire Taxpayers, for an extended segment of A Question of Voter Fraud.  Ed shared stories related to difficulties in retrieving public voter checklists, before discussing President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission. Dishonorable Mention: Caitlin Ann Legacki (Hour 1c) Rich started by sharing about a Union member who is being pressured to put a sign in his yard, which endorses Kevin Cavanaugh’s campaign.  Ed then informed the listeners about the ACLU’s lawsuit, supported by Senator Betty Lasky and Neal Kurk, aimed at President Donald Trump for a lack...

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Voter Fraud in Virginia, Investigation in Indiana and the Benefits of the Electoral College

(Hour 1c) Guest host Hal Shurtleff began the segment by talking to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, about his topic as a speaker at the upcoming CNHT Picnic.  Ed then informed Hal about Andrew J Spieles of Virginia, who recently plead guilty to registering dead people in Virginia on behalf of a local Democratic group.  Finally, they discussed an investigation in Indiana and extolled the virtues of the Electoral College.  Tune in to this segment of A Question of Voter Fraud get the details!...

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