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Tag: Jawed Alibaba Shaikh

Budget Restraints in the Queen City

(Hour 3a) Rich discussed the Mayor’s veto message.  He shared about the origin of the numbers that he used.  He also talked about the major players and asked some important questions.  Tune in to hear all about it....

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2015 Election Info

(Hour 2a) In this segment Rich returned to the issue of the 2015 Manchester elections.  He shared about the candidates who are running and gave us some background information.  Tune in to hear more about those who are running...

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2015 Mayoral Race

(Hour 3b) Rich took the time in this segment to discuss the mayoral race.  He started by a statement from mayoral candidate Jawed Alibaba.  From there he moved on to Joyce Craig.  Then Patrick Arnold.  Lastly, he shared current...

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